Friday, April 22, 2011

Stuff My Dad Says

Today is Easter.
Well, for me it is.
With everyone's busy schedules, and with some people wanting to have their Sunday Easter Dinner with someone else, I hosted an Easter turkey (and Clint's birthday) dinner tonight. At my house. After working today. With roofers on the roof. And my Canuck's jersey on.

It was fun and delicious and love-filled and there was jello.
It was SO worth the effort.

(Now, hours later? No pants. Just the jersey. I am overstuffed with good food.)

(Yes, by the way, I am still a fan. A disappointed fan, to be sure, but I. Still. Believe.)

Anyway, as we sat around the table and chatted, my dad contributed non-relevant statements to the conversation. For instance, we'd be talking about, say, the Canuck's and my dad would say, "Butch Penner died." So we'd acknowledge Butch's passing, 4 years ago, and carry on with our own fascinating talk.

A few minutes later he'd say, "Marg Stobbe divorced Herb." And we'd all nod, and say something like, "That's sad isn't it? But, she's married again... "

We'd move on to chatting about great world leaders, when he'd pipe up and say, "Billie was a May Queen."
And so on, all evening.

Clint, my social networking obsessed son, noted, after listening to Bups for an hour, that "Bups speaks in tweets. I bet he never uses more than 140 characters...."

And from that observation, this tweet account was birthed: "Stuff My Pete Says". He is setting my mom up with a tumblr account/blog where she can post dad's one liners, where they will automatically be uploaded to his twitter and voila - Just.Like.That. my parents are way cooler than I can ever hope to be.

I am thinking that someday, twenty years from now, at his funeral, either before the slide show, or after the german worship song, we'll have his tweets scroll down on the screen/HD monitor at the front of the church.

I bet you wish I was planning your funeral eh?

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. My incredible family. And I'm not just referring to my kids.
2. A fridge full of leftovers.
3. Jesus died. Then rose again. Because of love.


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valerie said...

I have a BIG smile on my face reading this. Loved being at your house with everyone.