Saturday, April 9, 2011

There's a READATHON going on...

(Deets are here.)
And I wish I was participating.
Do you know how many books I've got on my TBR pile?
(TBR is the insiders term for To Be Read.) (Now you're an insider too.)

Know what?
I'm going to pile them up and take a pic for you.
Know WHY I CAN take a pic? Because my friend has lent me her camera. While mine is being repaired.
Know what?
Things have happened, like, LIFE, for example, and I haven't even mailed my broken camera to Mississauga yet.
I'm a loser, baby.

Maybe I should list the things that happened?
And list all the books I wish I was reading?
And show you my to do list of 'things to do so that my house maintains its value'.
Or my list of 'things to do so that my body is an accurate reflection of my age'.
(Give me a sec, I'll go take a pic of what I'm referring to.)

While I'm off doing that, how bout chu read something about sex?
Check out "Let's Talk About Sex Today"... Jon is going to be speaking to a college crowd about sex and wonders: What would you tell a few hundred students at a Christian college about sex? As usual, make sure you read the comments because that's where the brilliance lies. Average folk talking about sex. What do you wish someone told you? What do you wish your kids understood? What does God really say?

And after you've done that, and if I'm still not back from my little photography project, zip over to Rachel's blog to see how she's doing with the readathon. (She's blogging on the hour re: her progress.) Someday I will do this too. Someday...

Memory card found.
Contents cleared.
Books gathered from all 4 corners of the house (and truck and backpack) (Hey you never know when you'll get a few minutes to read. Always Be Prepared.) (Alas. I have had no such spare minutes lately.) (What? I could be reading NOW? Instead of like, blogging?) (Hush you.)
Photos taken.
Many photos. With different settings, because I'm never totally sure...
Magazine found. (re: age and body comment, above)
More photos taken.
Card removed from camera.
Inserted into card reader.
Download complete.
Adjustments made. Because I didn't quite get it perfect.
Exported to 'blog' file.
Ready for uploading to blog.

(Other bloggers can appreciate the amount of time that goes into entertaining random readers. What is with that? I should just close the lid and empty the dishwasher.)

I won't.
Because you must see this:

This is my pile of books to read.
Some have been lent to me.
Some have been given to me.
Some I picked up at a used book store.
Others I got on sale.

I have so many, I don't even know where to start. How to prioritize. How to attack.
Yes I do.
I first must book a holiday to some secluded location where there is only a pool, a lawn chair, and a cook. And where I only need a bathing suit and pajamas so that the rest of my suitcase can be filled with the books above.

Daunting pile when photographed from above, no?

When you click on the image, I think you'll see it enlarged. Which book would YOU start with?

Moving on.

Yesterday was Friday, so while Dani and Drew 'boarded, I sat in the truck at the top of the mountain, ate sweet tarts and read the People magazine. (Yes, yes, yes. I coulda bin reading a book. I know.)
May I comment on something?
Why are men shaving their heads?
Women? Do we like this?
Can I vote no?
If you DO have hair - HAVE HAIR. Figure out a length and style and work it. Seriously.

These are Michael Jackson's kids. (And his sister.) His daughter is cute and will be a stunner someday, yes? I hope they've set aside money for counselling for the youngest. Blanket.
His name is Blanket.

Her hunky hockey husband's been traded to Nashville, so they are going to share a home. He asked for some  space in "their" closet. Her response, "Oh crap. What am I going to do?" Seven weeks later, he's still asking for somewhere to put his stuff - she suggested he use the closet in the guest bedroom. "I've never been great with living with someone else. And now he's my perma-roommate."

Know what I think?
Some princesses need to grow up.

Tom and Katie's girl just turned 5.
She likes pink, glitter, high heels, Broadway plays, sweets and purses.
That green thing she's carrying with her red coat? A $1,295 Dolce and Gabbana.

I predict she might have problems sharing a closet with her husband someday too.

There were a couple of thicker-paper-high-gloss-two-page spreads of my boy, Johnny looking manly with hair extensions and eye liner:

And NOW. Finally.
The thing about age = body:
It was in Oprah. The article was called The Age Defiers.

This gal is 30 with grey hair. She's working it.

And this gal?

And this one?

Excuse me while I grab another handful of Cadbury Mini Eggs.

She wears 'young' clothes because she has a hawt body with collarbone definition and no double chins.

The end.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. There will be a fun party over at Jon's blog comment section today. A talk-about-sex party. Keep going back to read thoughts like this:
Rick said:

1. Sex is better in marriage, and the older you get, the better it gets (if you take care to nurture your sex life).
2. Sex is optional (it’s mostly the guys who need to hear this). (I could write a book about this one, and the ways that men hurt their wives because they think they have a ‘need’ to be satisfied and keep them from looking elsewhere. Wow! What lies men allow to be perpetuated, sometimes just inside their head about why they ‘need’ it.)
3. Everybody is not doing it! You can’t just fall into bed and there are fireworks. Sex is best in a long-term committed relationship. (Hey, I think that just so happens to be what marriage is.)
4. This one is perpetuated by Christians, and a lot of times even Christian women. “It is the woman’s job to please her husband.” See #2. It IS the woman’s job to please him, but not at the expense of their relationship. Once the husband picks this up and says (or thinks) “Its YOUR job…”, then things are out of whack.

Adrian said:
Personally, as a Christian college student, hearing someone talk about sex conjures a single thought for me: beating a dead horse. Basically, we’ve “heard it all,” even if we haven’t actually heard it all (because we’re in college and we know everything).

Jenna said: 
I would tell them that sex is like nuclear power -created to be an amazing part of our lives, but has the potential to be destructive. I would tell them that you miss out on the BEST sex ever when you don’t have a lifetime commitment (marriage) to go with it. I would tell them that every time they step outside God’s plan for sex it’s like trading a bologna sandwich for a great meal. I would plead with them to dive into a vibrant relationship with Christ instead of wasting their time on a road they were not created to walk by themselves. We were created for intimacy and great adventure. Why would we eat bologna sandwiches every day?

Kristy said:
When I was a college student, I would have wanted to hear that you can “start over.” I wasn’t a serious Christian when I was younger and all my “wait til I’m married” convictions went out the window sometime around high school graduation. I would have loved to have someone tell me that I wasn’t damaged goods and that even though I didn’t save myself til marriage, I could save from that point on. (thankfully, I married my high school sweetheart, but there was a lot of guilt on both our parts for years)

A said:
...there’s a problem with many kids doing everything BUT sex, which is still sexually immoral and therefor sinful. That leaves many girls (I speak only for girls here since i am one) still feeling pressured and dirty and broken even if they’re not having sex
Also, let them know that married sex is so much better than anything. Anything.

2. It's not raining.
3. Marathon post is DONE. 


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