Wednesday, April 27, 2011


1. My blog.  It was potentially dangerous to your computer because of that black background thingy I had up until 2 minutes ago. I downloaded it from "cutest little blog on the block" about a year ago, and now, apparently, according to google - it MIGHT have had a virus. So. Boring, (or clean) white blog for now.

2. The Canucks. Just about killed me tonight. Oy. Nailbiting, chocolate eating, heart stopping, tension filled, evening or what? Seriously. I could barely handle the tension. I will be an absolute mess if they go all the way.

3. La Roof. It's all done. Are you wondering how much it costs to replace a roof? $15,000. And it's not lined in gold.
They did the shed, which surprised and delighted me. Now if they'll just remove their crap from the lawn, maybe I can get it cut. Actually, it needs to be baled. I should have had six sons. Three are not enough.

4. Re: Prayer. After three years of non-stop praying about a certain thing, I can see how God is moving. And it's exciting. And a little bit exhausting. And a little bit scary because it's totally out of my control. There are days when I just come home and sit. Because I simply can't think or do any more. I don't want to get all dramatic, but really? Speaking from experience? Answered prayer brings with it new dimensions... mostly all good, but still, it's a change. And while God-made-change is always best, it does shake up one's tiny little world. And my tiny little world is shifting slightly, so I'm walking carefully.

5. Wrestling with God. Recently, like, over the Easter weekend, I sensed a prodding from Him and I DON'T LIKE IT. I don't want to do what I think He's asking. Because I just don't. So this is me being stubborn. Or deliberately dense. It probably won't end well for me. I lose most all wrestling matches with Him. Sigh.

6. Three things I'm thankful for:

  • Clint was at tonight's game. So exciting. And the party in the streets afterwards was probably pretty sweet.
  • Just ate my last turkey-leftover meal. I think that was 6 gobble gobble nights in a row. 
  • My camera? Cleaned and reconditioned. Good as new. 
  • Got my taxes done. Just in the nick of time. What is with me this year? 

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