Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Finishing up May

You never know.

One minute its raining. And everything feels grey.
Then. It's sunning. And happiness colors everything yellow. 

One day your world seems quiet. 
Erhm, I mean loud, with your thoughts taking up too much brain space and airtime. 
And then you read a blog that asks a question about summer music and boom. You have 10 new favorite songs.

One second you don't think you could be sadder because there is Just. So. Much. Pain. Out. There.
And then God answers a prayer that may or may not have been uttered and a crack of joy breaks in. 

One season goes by and your once full house feels unbearably empty and you wonder if you should fill it with new people or just get a smaller dwelling place.
And then you drop in after work to slap another layer of makeup on your droopy face before heading out to meet with friends, and there? There are 7 boys (including 2 sons)  in your house eating McDonald's and making bacon and eggs, saying, "hi mom". And your soul smiles.

Sometimes it feels like it's been too long between visits. 
And then you all start talking and time ceases to be a factor.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. An unexpectedly great Monday. So thankful for old friends...
2. Music that makes me dance.
3. Peonies

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