Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Didn't just get home from a camping trip I didn't go on.

I wonder if I'll ever get used to not going camping on this particular weekend of the year?
(And by the way? My idea of camping is with a truck and camper. Or a motorhome. Or  a fully loaded 4 bedroom house on a lake.) I don't do tenting.
Princess, remember?

The kids were gracious enough to allow me to hang out with them on Saturday afternoon, and I'm grateful.
But the rest of the weekend was mostly a wash. Many hours alone.
So I rented a few movies:

The Way Back -

Which was about the gulag in Siberia in 1940.
It was portrayed to be about as awful as described in Remember Us (letters from the gulag)
This movie was inspired by real events... those events being the story of prisoners who escaped the gulag and walked 4000 miles to India.

Oy. I really do live a Princess life. How lucky am I not to have been born in Russia in the 30's. Or 40's. Or ever.

Then Drew and I watched:

which is a war movie, shot in Jordan (where Clint was) during the height of the war. It was gritty and real and tension-filled and sad.

Of course, the weekend would not have been complete without some smut:

Which was about as shallow as you'd expect it to be.
I'm a Kutcher fan, though, so I was entertained.

And lastly, because of Sue's recommendation, I rented:

and liked it. I'd give it a 7 out of 10.

To balance things out, I also read.

So Much Controversy about this book. Just google it and you'll see the internet was (and still might be) abuzz with opinions. Oh my goodness. Because people I respect have been negatively critical about it, I was prepared to be offended by Rob Bell's position. But Clint just finished reading it on his flight home over the weekend and he liked it, which of course is not surprising. 
So I read it with a really open mind and am totally sitting on the fence about it. 
I'm not convinced he has adequately shared the message of the Bible. 
But he definitely has shared a version of the gospel message that would be appealing to non and new Christians. 

In the end, God is bigger than a book, and His truth will prevail, regardless of what Rob Bell's media machine tells us. 

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. My mom. Nice long visit with her on Sunday night.
2. The world didn't come to an end on Saturday at 6 as predicted by some nut job who received way more than his fair share of 15 minutes of fame. 
3. Answered prayer.


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