Monday, June 13, 2011

Back in 2008, or was it 2007?

... my mom was having reversal surgery. (She was not reversing her gender. She was getting the poop bag removed from her abdomen. It had been placed there 4 months earlier when her bowels exploded perforated.)
(My mom? By the way? Is a classy woman. This talk of bursting guts and sex change operations is likely not sitting well with her.)

ANYways, while my mom was having said surgery, dad was vacationing being imprisoned at the Delta View Care Home. No he wasn't. He was being cared for. At the Care Home.

My sister and I took turns visiting him daily.
After my last visit there (before we brought him home) I was contacted by Heather Smith (an acquaintance from The Fraser Heights days). Her mom was at the same facility and she'd noticed my name in the daily sign-in book. Did I want to get together for coffee?

It probably took a year before we could carve out a few hours for a decent visit. And when we did finally meet I think we talked for four solid hours at that Starbucks on 200th. My dad has dementia. Her mom has Alzheimers.We have children. We had stories.

A few weeks ago, she sent me one of my favorite kinds of messages to receive:
"I'm thinking of starting a blog. Can you help me?"

Being a firm believer in 'blogs with images', we met recently on a Sunday afternoon to take some photos.
Photos of her mom.
At Riverview Hospital. (Which is a mental health facility with a long history ...)
I found the grounds to be dark and oppressive. And the buildings were old and outdated. And a little bit stinky.
I found the love Heather showered on her mom to be beautiful. And tragic. And moving. And Christ-like.

After we had visited with her mom (who had no idea who her daughter was) we sat in my truck and cried.

THIS is her blog.
Please go visit.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. The internet.
2. Moms
3. Freshly cut lawns.


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