Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Night Hell Broke Loose

June 15, 2011
Vancouver was on fire.
The Canuck's had lost Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final against Boston and things got ugly on the streets in Vancouver a few minutes later.

The world watched in horror as young men and women, intent on doing damage for no apparent reason, turned over and lit vehicles on fire, smashed windows, broke into shops and stole merchandise, injured innocent bystanders and taunted police. It was sickening.

The next day? A few things happened.
Hundreds (thousands?) of volunteers flooded the downtown core to clean up the mess. And write loveletters to Vancouver on the boarded up windows. And leave notes of thanks for the police.

And we all started to feel proud of our city again.

But then I stumbled across this blog.
And I feel a public lynching is in the works.
For example, this badboy has been identified:

He has been named, and this photo has been forwarded to his private school (he's a grade 12 student) (he's been expelled) to his University (his acceptance and scholarship for next year have been revoked) his 'team' (his place on the National Polo team has been withdrawn) and his dad's position (a doctor in a local hospital) has been broadcast all over the internet.

The comments section is disturbing to read. So much anger. So. Much. Hate.
People are vindictive, yo?
I'm sensing the mob mentality in THE COMMENTS SECTION OF A WEBSITE.
How weird is that?
Are people generally just a buncha sheep?

Apparently this boy has turned himself in.
And so have others who have been 'caught red handed'...
Nathan has publicly apologized here.

I wonder what we learned from this whole episode?

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. So far, only one 'surprise' photo of my boys found on one of those 'upload your riot pics' facebook sites. And yes, I have looked through them all.

(Just heading down to skytrain before the third period even ended.)

2. Summer officially starts in a few days. It HAS to stop raining by then, yes?
3. Heroes. Wow.


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