Friday, June 24, 2011

Plans. Schmanz.

Did not read a chapter in any of the books I was going to.
Did not make a master list of things to do/items to accomplish this summer.

Did not finish planting my window boxes.
Did not do any laundry.
Did not clean out my purse or my desk.
Did not get rid of 100 things.
Did not eat with a fox in a box.
Nor did I do 100 sit ups.

I randomly met with a mom who lives in my neighbourhood and we chatted/cried/encouraged each other for an hour in her garden. Totally unexpected.

Then I got at midnight I got a facebook chat message: You still up? Can I call?
So I talked a friend off the figurative ledge while we both chatted/cried/encouraged each other for an hour on the phone. Totally unexpected.

If this summer is to be filled with Totally Unexpected moments?
I am so OK with that.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Inspiring gardens. I think I want to add a natural gas fire pit and a water fountain to this backyard that I need to move from.
2. Transparent friends.
3. I am thankful that there are many days left in this summer to get rid of 100 things and clean out my purse.


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