Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer Thoughts. No Particular Order.

  • I'm craving creativity and color. I want to make something.
  • Getting rid of 100 things takes energy. And time. 
  • I've had geraniums in window boxes since I was a teenager. 
  • Goal: no chocolate bars all summer.
  • A friend asked, "Don't you feel guilty about not doing any ministy through your church? Or do you feel like your job is your ministry?" For the record, yes I do feel guilty. And no, my job is not my ministry.
  • I know folks are all excited about the New York thing where gays can get legally married now. "Finally, their rights are being recognized...Oh yay." But for me? Right now? Because of this book? I am more concerned with the rights of young women and children who are sold into slavery. Millions and millions of them - beaten, abused, trafficked, and drugged. 
  • For anyone reading this from outside BC - we are having the least sunniest June. Ever. In the history of my life. This cannot be substantiated with facts. It's just a gut feeling.
  • I spend too much time on the internet. 
  • Anyone want to help fold and stuff newsletters next week? It's that time again.
  • Is getting dental work done tomorrow. Again. 
  • Is going to bed now.


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