Monday, June 20, 2011


Saw the Green Lantern tonight and was entertained.
Which is all I ask for from a movie.
That Ryan Reynolds? Such a nice boy.
Green is such a good color for him.

Saw The Great Divorce (based on the CS Lewis book) at the Pacific Theatre on Friday night and was challenged. Which isn't what I expected, but I am happy that it got my thinker thinking. For me, this production was a holy echo regarding Hell. I assume I'll unpack some thoughts one of these days. Surely I will slow down soon.

Hosted a DOT reunion during the week, and goodness. I love my friends.
However, we decided to put an end to the whole DOT thing.
Why? It was a one-off. It was a birthday party goodie-bag gag,  a once-in-a-lifetime experience that was incredible fun.
But that's all it was. Those on that cruise will always have memories of a special event.
We are not fans of exclusivity. And we were worried we'd run out of polka-dotted scarves before we ran out of applicants wanting to join something that we didn't want to be administrators of.

God made us planners. He created us to be event specialists... Some people can't walk past a patch of dirt without adding plants and picking weeds. Some women can't stand to see vegetables wilting in their fridge and need to make a fabulous salsa with colorful ingredients. Sandra and I can't look at blank squares on calendars without filling them up. It's our cross to bear.
So while the Dot thing is over, something new is likely right around the corner. Someone is going to turn 50 next year, no? They'll need a party, no?

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Oranges. Goodness they are delicious right now. So sweet. So juicy.
2. My living room. Fav spot in my house these days.
3. Lovely Ikea shopping trip with my dad and mom this afternoon. Is there anything more cheerful that Ikea candles? Nope. There is not.


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