Friday, July 1, 2011

Annnnd, It's Over.

Another school year is done.
Drew finished grade 11 on Wednesday.

And just like years of old, we spent the day at the lake with school friends.
UNLIKE days of old, it turned into an indoor party because the rain? Just kept falling.

However, indoor parties are good too. Lots of board games, movies, food and laughter.

Because so many of us had to work on Thursday, it not a long drawn out, overnight affair. It was a 10 hour party, never-the-less. Summer can pop by any day now.

My favorite part of the day?
Driving 5 boys for 2 hours.
On the way there, Brett and Drew taught the others how to play the "profile version" of Guess Who.

Instead of asking questions about physical characteristics (does you person wear glasses?), you ask questions about their personalities or background, based on clues from their appearance... 
An example would be, "does your person garden in their spare time?"
Answer: "He used to, but now he's training for a charity triathlon to raise money for 'below the belt' cancer awareness."

Sample conversations I overheard:
"Is your person originally from Australia?
"Yes, but they are now living in Kansas working as a dairy farmer."
Flick, flick, flick. I hear a whole bunch of faces being slapped down, while he mutters, "Must be blonde. Blondes come from Australia." 
"Does your person read books?"
"Not so much. He prefers magazines."
"What type of magazines?"
"Self help"
Click, click click. I hear a bunch of faces being lifted back up, while he mutters. "Hmm. Probably not blonde afterall. Not with self help...."

Other questions that were asked and caused me to wonder which Guess Who character (and I think I know them all by now) looks like:
 - they were abused as a child
 - they are a math teacher
 - they spent alot of time alone as a child eating donuts
 - had a dad that looked like Stalin but acted like Hitler
 - they were born in Poland

Their questions (and answers) were unbelievably creative for a group of 17 year old boys. 

Then, on the drive home, they played a different game.
"1 to 10, how do you feel about door decorations?"
"Do you mean those round things? Reafs?"
"Not a fan. Gotta say 2."
"I haven't seen one I like yet. So, 1."
"You mean like those things people put on their door at Christmas?"
"Yeah. 1 - 10. Do you like them?"
"I have no opinion. So. 5"
"Fair enough."

"1 - 10. How do you feel about chainlink fences?"
A discussion about fencing breaks out.

"1 - 10. How do you feel about late night drives."

"1 - 10" How do you feel about flouncy dresses on women?"
"What? Everyday?"
"No. That would be gross. Girl is gonna find herself broken up with if she pulls something like that."
"How long?"
"How short?"
"Not too."
"OK. I'd say 8."
"Me too."

"Which do you prefer, All-one-color Christmas lights or multi-colored?"
"On what? A tree or house?"
"Any color or clear?"
"Any color."
"I gotta go with one color clear. Like, the off white color. "
"I gotta go with green. Maybe with a few red ones."
"I dunno."

"1 - 10. Striped shirts?"
"On a guy or girl?"
"For yourself."
"Vertical or horizontal?"
"Dude.Horizontal. Have you even seen vertical?"
"Point taken. 9 for horizontal."

I seriously love driving boys around.
Hoping I still have my license by the time I have talking grandsons. I'm going to volunteer to carpool them to school and field trips. 

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Drew's friends.

2. My friends. (Offers to drive. Offers to let me borrow their vans.)

3. The cabin. Which, Danica reminded me every few minutes, is not a cabin. "This is a house."


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