Sunday, July 24, 2011

Art Show

As you will recall, my boy is part of a team that is raising money and awareness for the Dalits in India. They organized an art show on Friday night and I went. Of course I did. He's my son, right? That's what moms do. Some of my friends were there too. Because that's what friends do.

I had my camera in my purse, you know, so I could take pics for my blog. No other reason.

But once I actually got there, I was too intimidated. Seriously.
So many people. Most under 30. Many with cameras. (These pics are from the event's facebook page.)

So I took a quick peak. Bid on a few pieces. Then gave Clint some blank cheques and told him what my highest bids would be.

I really wanted this.
It's a skimboard.
When Clint was in grade 12, I couldn't handle him. Not for one minute more. My house was a battle zone and I needed to reload. So my mom and dad took him for 10 days. It gave me some breathing room and gave his brothers a stress-free environment to live in for awhile.

The idea was for Clint to be so bored at his grandparent's place that he'd be dying to come home, under any terms I might offer.
My dad didn't get that memo.
He thought it was playtime with his oldest grandson.

Dad and Clint made skimboards.
About 8 of them; out of oak skins and leftover arborite.
Then they went to the beach and tried them out.

For Clint it was the start of a mini-business... he must've sold a couple dozen boards that year. And it became an 'outdoor activity' that took him away from computer gaming.

I guess my dad knew a thing or two about teenaged boys.

And this is why I told Clint to bid on the skimboard.
Because I had memories.

Unfortunately I was outbid.
But I'm happy that my bids drove the price upwards.

If you're interested in pics of other pieces that were donated for the cause, check out this link.

AFTER we left the show, we decided to be tourists in Vancouver and walk around Granville Island as the sun set. Because there's nothing as beautiful as our city at dusk.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Friends who come to art shows and photowalks.

2. Sons who are passionate about making a difference in the world.

3. Watching God at work. LOVE His divine meddling.

4. The sun was out today and it really felt like summer. Yay for seasonally appropriate weather.

5. I am thankful for a certain twenty six year old guy who spent the day with my youngest. He took him to the drifting competition in Seattle this afternoon, and now? At 1 am? They are playing racing games on XBox in my family room.


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