Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Decided to Keep My Coughing, Hacking Self at Home Today

Don't phone me. I won't answer. (I don't have a cordless phone, and it takes too much energy to run to the kitchen to answer before the third ring.)

Holy cow I get a lot of calls during the day.

I'm camped in the living room with a heating pad on my back (because coughing hurts one's lungs and the resulting back ache sucks) and my laptop on my lap. Everyonceinawhile I nod off because I may have taken alot of cough syrup and a few Advil Cold and Sinus Tabs. Perfect recipe to put someone in a blogging mood.

Know what?

  • Of the 50 Best Summer Reads on the Chapters/Indigo website, I've read 30 of them. Someone send me a gold star. 
  • I miss walking through the fields of the Coltswolds, stumbling upon castles and such:

  • I think manicures like these are silly:

(Seriously? Hello Kitty?)

(Pencil erasers. Wait, what?)

  • I absolutely adore this:

Mason Jar lights.

K. I'm tired now.

1 comment:

valerie said...

I miss stumbling upon castles as well. I have only read 12 on the summer list.... must read more. Put about 10 peppercorns in your mouth - do not bite them - that will help calm your cough.