Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lonnng Day

After work this evening I sat through another two hour dentist appointment. Root Canal part two.

"Hi Jane. I'm going to freeze you, now, OK?"
"Sure. I still don't know how to retract my tongue, so you might as call someone to hold it back."
"Oh right. Your tongue. Good call."
"I don't have a speck of pride here, you realize that, don't you," I said to my dentist of 34 years.
He just smiled.

He's lucky I trust him.
Because as we were getting close to the two hour mark, he lit something on fire and stuck it into the drilled hole in my back gold-capped molar AND I DIDN'T FREAK OUT.

 A few weeks ago noxious fumes were escaping from that very same drilled opening, and this week smoke was ascending from the thing he was touching with a red hot poker.

Apparently I have a few more root-canal related appointments to endure this summer. I wondered what I was going to spend my vacation dollars on this year. Now I know. Unexpected dental expenses.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. After my appointment? I stopped in at my mom's. She had a turkey dinner waiting for me.
2. And Mandi, coincidentally, had fresh-from-the-oven chocolate chip cookies on the counter.
3. And Drew and Danica had an episode of LOST to watch at my house after that.
4. And by fluke or divine intervention, Persis (my cousin's daughter from Germany) and Halee, Max's friend at school in California, ARE BOTH LIVING IN THE SAME SMALLISH CITY. And, (this makes me smile, by the way) they met this evening to watch a concert in a park, and have made plans to go bike riding at the beach on the weekend. I absolutely adore how small our world is.

So all in all? A fabulous day.


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