Sunday, July 17, 2011

New Time Waster

... because I'm always looking for new ways to avoid pulling weeds.

I've had this blog (and others) for over 7 years, a twitter account for 4 years (but because it seems to me that twitter is more of a phone-driven social media (and I don't have a good texting phone) I have not made good use of this option, yet. I have been on facebook for about 5 years and google + for 9 days (the google + thing is mostly to impress my boys. None of my friends are there, so what's the point?) and I've been linkedin for 3 years.

And now?
Now I'm thinking of adding myself to another slice of the internet.

It's like place to "pin" the things/images/ideas you find "interesting" onto a cyber/virtual cork board.
(Do you look through magazines and rip out pages and put them in an inspiration file? Or do you tack them to the wall above your desk? THIS IS EXACTLY THE SAME THING, without the ripping or sharp objects.)

Go take a peak here.
This is the home page, a jumble of pinnings.
Click on a category that interests you, like say, DIY (Do It Yourself) and VOILA you are taken to a home page of recently 'pinned' projects. If you like one, click on it and VOILA you are taken to a real person's 'cork board'.You can look through their DIY projects and be inspired. If you click on the image again, you are often linked to the original site where the project was first uploaded and where you will find more details.

I have spent HOURS and HOURS looking at things.

It's like having the latest decorating magazines, the latest craft magazines, the latest wedding planning magazines, ALL AT YOUR FINGERTIPS.

Want to know what's got me all inspired just this morning?
Let me show you:
(Click on the images to make them larger, however larger will not be clearer. I've uploaded very small image files. pinterest has larger photos which are a joy to behold. Jus sayin)


I do. I do like big books. And I have a big butt.

Love the splashes of color:

Hahaha. A phone thingy to add to your iphone;

Brilliant: USB ports on your electrical outlets:

Fun with buttons:

Oh Ian:

I do love color coded bookshelves:

Fun idea:

Garden lights with recycled cans:

Keep string from untangling. Use a sugar dispenser.

Spray paint the inside of mason jars:

Use toilet paper rolls to organize cords:

Melt crayon bits in icecube trays:

More button fun:

Will do this:

More crayon fun:

Brilliant use of pennies:


Books and color:

These roses were made from COFFEE FILTERS

Fun use of paint chip cards:

Solar powered recharger:


Like this:


LOVE, love, love this.

Def going to try this. If not today, then on a hot summer day with my grandkids.
Glue crayons to a piece of paper and let the sun melt them ...

A square fruit salad. Great presentation:

Sew 5 pillow cases together. Add pillows and fun.

Dixie cups over christmas lights.

See what I mean?
The ideas. Oh the ideas.

Gotta go.
Must. Do. Something. Real.


Anonymous said...

I know, I know, isn't it great. You mentioned it on your blog before and now I'm hooked too. Love it. Marj

Anonymous said...

How sad -- was so excited to finally see this (as several people have mentioned it to me), but when I went to the link you provided, they are changing something and it was not available. Thanks for all the pics though -- they are great ideas, and so fun. I'll have to try again tomorrow. Thx.