Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I Have Cousins

On my dad's side, while growing up, I had three cousins in Germany. And three in Manitoba.
There was no facebook in the olden days, so staying in touch meant getting together for dinner once every 5 years (with the German Cousins) and once each summer (with the Manitoba Cousins).

By the time we all became adults it was even less often. WAY less often.

The stars were in alignment this afternoon, and for one hour, I met up with a few of my cousins as we celebrated my Aunt Mary's birthday in Abbotsford. Want to see pics? Are you dying to know what my kin look like?

OK then.

First of all, my dad's older brother, John and his wife, Mary, had three kids (these would be "The Germans").
Johnny is the oldest. He married Maria and they live in Germany.
Their oldest son, Jason, married Vanessa and they live in the lower mainland. They were hanging out with us today:

Jason's sister, Persis was in town too - but I missed her by a day.

My Uncle John's second child is Ruth. She's married to Tony and they live in London. They were there today.... (no pic of Tony... grrrrr) I think this is the second time I've seen Ruth in ten years. She's a little bit older than me and looks 20 years younger than me. Why is that?

(She's holding her niece.)

My Uncle John's youngest child is Tim. He recently married Kiersten and they live in New York. With their cute, cute little daughter, Siri.

Tim: (and Siri):

and his wife, Kiersten whom I just met for the very first time:

Not only is she gorgeous with fabulous hair - she's incredibly smart. She has a phd. So does Tim.
They've hogged all the brains in the family.

Interesting story.
They met online.
He was on for a total of one hour when he "found" her.
She had been on for a few days.

My dad has a twin sister, Margaret, whose eyes were closed on every single photo:
(She gave birth to the Manitoba cousins.)

She has three kids.
Ellie is her oldest. (The one with the adorable twins.)
Her second child is Dan.
He's married to Galina.
They live in Vernon, but were down for the afternoon:

And Aunt Margaret's third child is Naomi. She got a married a few years ago and had baby earlier this year.
She's still in Manitoba too.

The hour really did fly by too quickly. I think I'd like to know more about their lives... we are all so very different. So. Much. To. Learn.

Today was my dad and mom's 52nd Wedding Anniversary:

Mom, Uncle John, Dad, Aunt Mary

We celebrated after the family gathering. I allowed them to take me and Drew out for supper. 

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Family
2. People who stay married for 52 years
3. Today's rain


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