Friday, August 19, 2011

Just Noticed

Dave Letterman has very hairy hands.

And he's starting to look old.

I remember watching him every evening (after studying for hours) during my BCIT years. He was so cutting edge cool back then. I wonder if he still is? Who would know?


Three things I'm thankful for:

1. 50% of my sons who took driving tests this week, passed. Maybe it was because he texted me and asked me to 'pray against the forces of evil that is ICBC' before the test.

2. Fun evenings. Last night four of us went into Vancouver for the evening... dinner on the patio in Yaletown then  over to see Mamma Mia at the QE Theatre. SO. MUCH. FUN. I love Abba songs. SO very singalongable. Such cheerful costumes. Loved it.

3. Tonight's walk n talk with a friend who actually lives in my neighbourhood. So convenient.And spontaneous. Now that I'm thinking of moving, I realize how much I love my house and my neighbourhood. Typical.


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