Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Still Sexy

Just in case you were wondering - I am feeling WAY better. My hacking cough is almost gone; all that's left is a deep raspy voice, that is too sexy for this body.

The reason I haven't been blogging is because it's SUMMER and I've unexpectedly been having too much fun. Movies, dinners, walks, boating, spontaneous tea n talks, a wedding, cheesecake, photography nights ... the list goes on.

I thought I'd upload a ton of pics tonight, so that I could, like, share the joy. But instead? I learned how to do something. Something computerish. Something creative. Something I was nervous about. I made a movie using photos and my recorded voice. Oy vey. But still. I learned something. And I'm 50! How many more times is something like this likely to happen?

So maybe I'll post pics on another day. Not tomorrow. I'll be 'doing' blueberries. (Whatever that means.) (AGAIN! With the 'new' things!) And after that, packing. Know why? I'm going to Shuswap again. AGAIN. Remember at the start of the summer when I was all whiney and pathetic? I barely do. But I seem to recall thinking this was going to be the worst summer ever. And hahahaha. I was wrong.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. It's Drew's birthday today! He's had a fabulous day, celebrating with his girl and her family. They've taken him camping for a week, and rented a seadoo for him to play on. Sigh. No. I'm happy for him. I really am.

2. Generous friends. Friends with boats who invite me for overnight trips. Friends with cabins who just hand me the keys. Friends who call to say they're praying for me and my boys. Friends who speak truth into my life. Friends with big hearts and warm hugs.

3. My dad and mom. Always happy to see me. Always happy to listen. Always available to help.

I am blessed.


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