Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wasted Two and a Half Hours Sitting at Red Lights Today

That MIGHT be an exaggeration but probably not.

Are you familiar with those days where everything you want to grab is jussssst out of reach? Like you lean over to get something from the backseat of your truck and your fingertips just barely graze the edge of it? So you leannnn harder and your middle finger ends up pushing it out of reach.

And your cell phone falls off the console onto the passenger side floor and you can just barely touch it, but it's too far away to get ahold of?

And the last small carton of buttermilk is at the veriest back of the rack and no matter how much you stretch, nothing but your fingertips touches the front of the carton. So you have to buy the bigger size which is easier to reach? And you know that you're going to be making alot of blueberry cakes to justify buying this big container of buttermillk?

And you find out that every single file that is being submitted for printing has one eensy teensy error on it and the only people who can easily fix it are on road trips. And you know you should look into going to school to learn some skills and become comfortable with certain software but it feels overwhelming?

And you're thinking of downsizing so your realtor sends you 120 options to look at and you go for a ride to look at the only 12 you'd consider and THEY ALL HAVE NORTHERN BACKYARDS which is exactly not what you want.

And on that same kind of a day, you had planned how your after-work hours were going to spent, and IN WHAT ORDER, so that you wouldn't be backtracking and crisscrossing all over tarnation just to get a few things done? And then someone calls and says, he's going climbing at 6 not 7 and could you please bring his shoes out to Newton ( 1 hour drive) so you go with damp, dirty hair that has just been trimmed but not washed or styled.

And in the end? Because nothing went as planned and everything took longer than it was supposed to and hours were spent driving up to intersections just as the light turned red you ended up at the new super Walmart at 10 pm to pick up those things that needed picking up.

And then, at the even more end? You have two sons in your house at midnight hungry for crepes, so you make them from scratch and fill them with love and everything's OK.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Walmart is open til late.
2. My hair has been trimmed and I'm 10 pounds lighter.
3. Donny Osmond is coming to the PNE.


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