Monday, October 17, 2011

Dad and Mom

I had a mailing to work on this weekend so I did what I always do and called my mom.
I'm 50.
A person never stops needing their mom.
Thank goodness she's willing and able. And happy to help.

While I sat with her in the kitchen, folding and stuffing, my dad came and sat beside me.
"Butch Penner died."
"I know. That's sad, eh?"
"When I go out, I put on my blackleatherjacket and my blackshoes."
"I can't drive anymore. I sit in the front seat with my seatbelt on. Billie drives me around. She has good music."
"Mom's a good driver, isn't she?"
"Yes. Does Drew still have the same girlfriend?"
"Yup. They're going to church tonight."
"Say hi to him from me, k?"
"I will."
"The farm is gone."
"I know. That's too bad, isn't it?"
"They tore down the house. And the green barn. And my shop."
"That's sad. We had so many good memories there."
"You used to be married to Mark, right?"
"Yup. A long time ago."
"When I go out, I put on my blackleatherjacketandmyblackshoes."
"I know. You look very handsome in them."
"Did Clint get baptized?"
"Yep, a few years ago. You were there, remember?"
"Yes. Are you Mennonite?"
"I am. Are you?"
"Yes. Does Drew have the same girlfriend?"
"He does. Do you have the same wife?"
"Yes. Billie. She looks after me."
"Aren't you lucky... she does a good job doesn't she?"
"I take out the garbage."
"You should come to my house. And take out my garbage..."
"Jake Penner has had three wives."
"Lucky guy."
"The farm is gone. They toredownthehouseandthebarns."

He's starting to talk faster as mom and I keep folding and stuffing.

"You used to be marriedtoMark,yah?"
"Yes, in fact, this would have been my 28th anniversary this weekend."
"I play pool with Art Schmidt."
"Who wins?"
"We plat two games."
"Yeah, he does. He likes it there."
"We had good parties on the farm."
"We sure did. All those Halloween parties...."
"I know, I drove by the other day. It sure looks different there, doesn't it?"
"Who takes out your garbage?"
"I do. Who takes out your garbage?"
"I do. Does Drew have the same girlfriend?"
"He does. She's a sweetheart, isn't she?"
"Jake Penner had three wives."
"Poor guy."
"Mandi's coming home for Christmas."
"I heard. That'll be good, yeah?"
"Yeah. Then she can sleep in her own bed. I have sugar pops and chocolate milk for breakfast."
"Hmmm. That sounds good."
"When I go out, I put on my black leather jacket and my black shoes."
"Not your red jacket?"
"No. I sit in the frontseatwithmyseatbelton. I don't driveanymore. Billiedoes. Who takes out your garbage?"
"I do. Do you want to come to my house and take it out for me?"
"No. Butch Penner died."
"He did? Awhh. That's sad. He's in heaven though."
"I have sugar popsandchocolatemilk and mypills for breakfast."
"That sounds delicious. Lucky you."

Mom and I move over to the family room and we sit side by side at her desk. I'm showing her how to order prints online through the London Drugs website. She wants some of my travel pics enlarged and laminated. We set up an account, upload the files and fill out the order.
She takes notes and then wants to do it again. By herself.

Meanwhile my dad is in the room beside us watching Ben Hur for the second time today.
He gets up and shuffles slowly and carefully to the bathroom and back.
"Who takes out your garbage?"
"I do. Even though I think Drew should."
"Art Schmidt and I play pool."
"That sounds like fun. How many games do you play?"
"Two. I have sugar pops and chocolatemilkforbreakfast. And mypills."
"Hmmmm. Do you set it out the night before?"
"Yes. Jake Penner had three wives."
"How many wives have you had?"
"Just one. Billie. Shelooksafterme. WhenwegooutIputonmyblackleatherjacketandblackshoes."
"You look handsome in your black jacket."
"Hey. You used to be married to Mark, yeah?"
"Yeah. I did. But I've been divorced for a really long time."
"Omi used to live on East46StreetinVancouver."
"I remember. It was a nice house."

He gets up and slowly shuffles to the bathroom and back, breathing heavily.
"The farm is gone. Theytookdownthehouseandthebarnandmyshop."
"That's too bad. I loved that farm."
"What do you have for breakfast? Ihavecornpopsandchocolatemilkandmypills."
"I have toast. Sometimes."
"Our doctor is Doctor Tom."
"Oh? I thought it was Doctor Iwama."
"Our doctor is Doctor Iwaman."

He gets up and inches his way to the bathroom and back.
He sits down and breaths heavily.
"You used to be married to Mark, yeah?"
"Yeah. Who are you married to?"
"Billie. Shetakescareofme. WhenwegodrivingIwearmtblackleatherjacketandmyblackshoes."
"She takes care of you real good, doesn't she?"
"Yes. She takes me to the doctor. And the Spaghetti Factory."
"You're a lucky man."

Mom has figured it out. "Oh! That was easy!". She's made some notes and closes up her computer.
Dad gets up and in teeny tiny baby steps makes his way to the bathroom and back.

"You bought me Walk the Line didn't you?"
"Yeah. That's a great movie isn't it?"
"We. Went. To. Alaska. On. A Cruise."
"We did. It was so much fun."
"HildegardeandThe SchmidtsandYouandYourboys came too."
"And Lena baby and Mandi."
"And. Leanbaby. And. Mandi. Mandi's coming home for Christmas."
"I know. We miss her. It will be so good to have her around."
"Yes. Who takes out your garbage?"
"I do. Who takes out your garbage?'
"I do. I have sugarpops and chocolate milk for breakfast."

He goes to the bathroom again.

I pack up all the boxes of envelopes into my truck.

"Say hi to Drew for me, ok?"
"I will. Are you going to bed?"
"Good night, dad. I love you."
"I. Love. You. Too."

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. My dad loves me.
2. My mom loves me.
3. My mom and dad love each other.



My Thots said...

Thank you. :>)you reminded me to be thankful today.

My Thots said...

Thank you! :>) You reminded me to be thankful today.