Saturday, October 22, 2011

I've been reading for 13 hours.

Book  I’m Currently  Reading: The Distant Hours

Details of My Reading Environment: Moved back to the kitchen table. I can't recline. I am prone to napping against my will if I am horizontal. Now that I've finished all the laundry all I can hear is the sound of one of the sisters eating chips. CRUNCH crunch crunch.

I Ate Something: Nope. Oh wait. Maybe I did have another roll of Rockets.

Pages Read This Hour: 32

Total Pages Read: 481

Why I didn’t read for the whole 60 minutes this hour: Because I wrestled with a 50 pound piece of memory foam and got it to lie flat on my bed. Then I covered it with new sheets. Then with blankets. And added the pillows. And now I can hardly wait to go to bed.

Books I’ve finished: yeah, yeah, yeah. Just the one. 

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