Sunday, December 11, 2011

Is God the Milkshake or the Straw?

Do you use God as a means (like a straw) to get the good stuff (the milkshake)?

Do you have a relationship with God, and do all the "christian stuff" (going to church, listening to Praise 106.5 fm, praying for your kids, supporting a Compassion kid or two, not saying 'Oh My God', feeling guilty laughing during Two and A Half Men) so that you'll get the good stuff (a loving, faithful spouse, a comfortable home, kids who don't rebel, a good paying job, help with lost keys, and everlasting life in heaven where there will be no tears?)

Or is GOD the good stuff (the milkshake). Is He enough? 

Is it enough to spend eternity with Him? 

Is it enough that He sent His Son to die for us? If He never gave us another thing, would the gift of His Son be enough?


Jeff's mom unexpectedly passed away recently. He preached this sermon spontaneously, (not part of the planned series) in response to that experience. Please listen:

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Sermons that force me to think and respond.
2. Answered prayer.
3. Quiet Saturdays.


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