Thursday, December 1, 2011

THAT time of year

I haven't quite caught my breath yet.
From gala season. And learning a whole new system for data management. Which includes a whole new system for donation processing. And along with that are new methods for inter-office communications. It is NOTHING like the system that I am an expert in.

That's a whole lot of learning for an old chick. And I can be a little whiny about it.

In the midst of this are our (and every other organization in North America's) Year End mailings... newsletters, Christmas cards, receipts, gala thank yous; and so on. I'm estimating that 3500 pieces of mail will pass through my hands in a 3 week period.

So when did I decide to reschedule, for the third time, my full-meal-deal, horribly-thorough, much-dreaded complete-physical doctor's appointment? Next Monday. Which meant that I had blood tests and whatnot to get handled this week. Fasting. Peeing in a cup. Waiting in the lab's reception area for over an hour with many, many seniors.

When will the Pest Detective come and plug up the holes in my soffits? And clean the debri from my attics? On Friday. Last September, when I read about a Favorite Things party idea in Pinterest, when did I decide to host it? This Friday. When did the urge to totally clean my garage hit me? This week. When was I finally able to get my flat tire dealt with? Today, after work; after waiting an hour.

Seriously. I have jam packed a ridiculous amount of activities into this 7 day time period.

So tonight? After getting home at 10 pm after working late and doing errands? I decided it was time to decorate my house for Christmas. I am whacked.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Drew hung out with me all evening - helping me at work and with errands. This is a rare occurrence and I am thankful.
2. It was a crisp, cool, dry, stunning day. Perfect incentive to get going on Christmas, and totally acceptable weather to be out and about in.
3. I still have the capacity to learn.


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