Wednesday, January 4, 2012


My left eye lid is flickering. It's been doing so for about three weeks now.
Just thought I'd mention it in case anyone else's lid is doing the same thing. 


So, finally, today, I bought a calendar. (I wished I'd had one on January first as I was bored and filling in little squares is what I live for.) I got it from Chapters where I had a gift card and where they were selling them at 50% off. The choice was abysmal. Themed calendars included: Zombies, Weather Trivia, Twilight, Glee, Farmer's Almanac... At the front, next to the till they had a few Martha Steward GARDENS calendars, so I picked one of those up.
Looks nice, doesn't it?
Pretty cover n'all?

IT HAS MONDAY AS THE FIRST DAY OF THE WEEK. I'm so used to Sunday being the leftest-most day of the week...
AND on every single page it lists the days of the week in 6 languages. Do you know how much space that takes up? (Monday, Montag, Lundi, Lunedi, Lunes, Maandag) (Interesting that GERMAN is second, no?) (Which also means, that in certain boxes, like, say, Valentine's Day, "Valentine's Day" is written out in 6 languages!) Yes. I just used an exclamation mark. There is no room to write MY stuff in those boxes because I'm getting a language lesson on every 'special' day. Martha recognizes alot of special days each month. SHE should be in charge of determining Statutory Holidays.

When you get a new calendar, do you immediately flip to your month? The month of your birth? To confirm that they used the best image/photo/picture for your month? And then you know you can look forward, even more than usual, to your birthday, because the best calendar page will be on display when you're eating your cupcake? 

MY MONTH, in the GARDENING calendar has a photo of CACTUSES in it. CACTI? The ugliest picture of all the months. I don't even want to celebrate this year.

I'm not going to use my neatest printing when I enter stuff. I'm just not motivated to write neatly.


My friend Heather has been busy this fall, knitting scarves. Blue scarves. 25 of them. Her mom has Alzheimers, which is a no-good-terrible-awful disease, and she wanted to DO something besides hurt, mourn and fume. You see, her mom's mind doesn't know who Heather is anymore. But her hands remember how to knit. She grabs those needles and just starts clicking...

So Heather learned how to knit and started blogging.
Twenty five scarves. Twenty five stories. Twenty five blog posts. Twenty five hundred dollars raised towards research.

She will send you the scarf of your choice in exchange for a $100 donation to the Alzheimer's Society.

Read, weep, donate - then let her know which scarf you'd like.


As I mentioned a few days ago, Rachel had her baby on New Year's Eve. She blogged about it here. (Rachel? Why are your titles not links?) Here's Eleanor. She's about 6 hours old here:

Another (American) blogger I follow had a baby on Thanksgiving. She blogged about it here
I KNOW!! (Yes, her story warrants TWO exclamation marks.)
This is Erin. She's about 3 weeks old here:

 Rachel? I expect a home birth with Joel doing the delivering next time, especially seeing how as he's going to be a doctor n'all ...


One of my mom's best friend's grandsons is a hockey player with a team that's almost the NHL. Portand Winterhawks. He's very good. Got the winning overtime goal tonight. On New Year's Eve he saved a drowning man. And tonight? I just found out he blogs

Yessiree bob. Wishing I had a daughter. I would SO be arranging a marriage right abouts now. 
(For those who need to know the connection, this is Hildegard's daughter, Donna's son.)


Whoa. The eyelid is flickering double time now.
I think it's a result of my annoyance at this stupid calendar.


Looking for something hip and cool to do next Friday night? 
(Ooooh, Friday the 13th)

How about heading into Vancouver to attend a not-your-typical fundraiser?
It's a different kind of photographer's art show... POLAROIDS.
Twenty photographers each selling twenty Polaroids.
For $10 each.
ALL (like, 100%) of the proceeds go to educating kids in Ethiopia and India.

Come, encourage some young, budding, photographers. Come, hang out with cool, socially-sensitive young adults who want to make a difference. Come, support two organizations as they raise money and awareness. Come.

And yeah, in case you're wondering ... Clint is part of the team that is organizing this event. I? Couldn't be prouder.


Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Christmas stuff is still up, in all it's glory, at my house. No one cares. Love that I'm under no pressure to pack it away yet.
2. The opportunity to watch my boys 'come into their own'... love seeing them do what they were created to do.
3. Drew's friends. Love that about once a week they show up here to watch a hockey game.


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