Saturday, January 7, 2012

Friday Night

Know what I did this evening?
Had a friend over and we both sat on a different couch, in my cozy living room, with the fireplace on, candles glowing, Christmas twinkle lights still spreading their magic, with our own laptops on our respective laps, and surfed the internet.

I LOVE nights like this.

OK. This is what I found. I will share it with you. Because I'm cool like that.

These SIX sisters have a blog. Very fun project to keep 6 sisters connected. Their mom must be very proud.


My (young) friend, Rachel, (the one who just had a skinny baby) has a mom. (Seriously, though. Skinny. TOO too cute - go look at her chicken legs... so adorable.) And that mom has a blog. And I just discovered it. And became totally inspired by what I read. Connie had a goal of raising $200 to provide a micro loan to a family in India through the Dalit Freedom Network.
(WHOOSH! The world just got small again. Clint worked for the Dalit Freedom Network last summer. And that Polaroid Party I was telling you about earlier this week? Is also raising funds for the DFN. )

She sold handmade "love letter" pillows with proceeds going towards her goal.

On Dec 29, her goal was realized. I sat here and cheered.


My blogging friend, Tricia in Florida, has 2 blogging daughters. The younger one, Megan, is an artist and has created a new series: Rock Star Female Authors. LOVE the premise. Hahaha. Rock star female authors...


I stumbled upon this blog, by a young mom with three sons. I heart organizing...
You must read this post about a typical weekday  in their home. RIGHT NOW. Go.

I'll still be here.

No hurry.

Take your time.

Did you look it over?


While I was surfing on my couch, I noticed that friends of mine, who were not sitting beside me, where doing the EXACT same thing at their homes... I watched one friend pin shoe options on her boards while another friend was pinning bathroom ideas on hers. So fun. I love pinterest.

Kids? This is what good Friday nights look like when you're 50. Something to look forward to.


I also found this site: 365 Thought Provoking Questions to Ask Yourself this Year.
Maybe I'll answer them here, periodically.

1 When was the last time you tried something new?

Um. Not today. I didn't try anything new today. Or yesterday either. Maybe last week? I will think on this and answer tomorrow. 

When was the last time YOU tried anything new?


From A Diary of Private Prayer

O Thou who art the only origin of all that is good and fair and true, unto Thee do I lift up my soul.

O God, let Thy Spirit now enter my heart. 
(Now as I pray this prayer, let not any room within me be furtively closed to keep Thee out.)

O God, give me power to follow after that which is good.
(Now as I pray this prayer, let there be no secret purpose of evil formed in my mind, that waits for an opportunity of fulfillment.)

O God, bless all my undertakings and cause them to prosper.
(Now as I pray this prayer, let me not be still holding to some undertaking on which I dare not ask Thy blessing.)

O God, give me chastity.
(Now as I pray this prayer, let me not say to myself secretly, "but not yet" or  "but not overmuch".)

O God, bless every member of my household.
(Now as I pray this prayer, let me not harbour in my heart a wrongful feeling of jealousy or bitterness or anger towards any of them.)

O God, bless my enemies and those who have done me wrong.
(Now as I pray this prayer, let me not still cherish  in my heart the resolve to requite them when occasion offers.)

O God, let They kingdom come on earth.
(Now as I pray this prayer, let me not be still intending to devote my own best hours and years to the service of lesser deeds.)



Three things I'm thankful for:
1. This couch that I'm sitting on.
2. The bed that I'm going to go lay on.
3. The kid who is sleeping across the hall from me.


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Robin Higson said...

Jane, Shannon and Brian talked me into rock climbing. It was something I never would of dreamed of doing. And I liked it! Robin