Monday, January 2, 2012


Watched a few movies today.
Some years I read alot of books during the Christmas break. Some years I go out for coffee alot.
This year I spent WAY too much time on my couch staring at the TV.

Just watched this:

... which I totally do not understand because I am shallow and watch movies mostly to be entertained. This one is artsy and deep and apparently "important" and I think I just wasted $4.99 on Shaw on Demand. One of my holy facebook friends says this:
My favorite film of 2011 is THE TREE OF LIFE. It is the Space Odyssey 2001 of the 21st century with a much stronger message: a Hollywood film that is an unapologetic theodicy. If you missed it on the big screen I feel sorry for you. You have to see it twice, once to discover what it is and a second time to savor the details. The entire story is a development of Job 38:4-7. One insightful reviewer commented," In reworking Job for the 21st century, he teaches us anew of the grandeur of the world, and the grandeur of God."

Earlier this evening, I totally enjoyed The Proposal

I love this movie.
I must've deep sighed at least a dozen times while watching it.

Just before that, I watched:

Which, surprisingly, I'd never seen before.
If YOU could go back to being 17, would you change any of the decisions you made?
I think I would.
The ripple effect of the decisions one makes as a teenager are incredibly long reaching. The impact your life forever. If I could suggest ANYTHING to anyone making big decisions it would be: tap the wisdom of those around you who love you and have some experience at life.

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