Sunday, January 29, 2012

Rain. Rain. Rain.

Today's weather meant that it was an indoor day.
Another one.
Another one in a long season of indoor doors.

Good thing I am perfectly comfortable sitting around by myself
all day.
My pinterest boards are well stocked. If you want to see what I've been pinning - click on the link, over there, on the right. It looks like this:

I've got a beef stew in the oven, and ham soup on the stove top. Cookies are cooling on the counter. Dishwasher is humming. Dryer is tumbling. I'm all ready in case any child on mine pops in for something to eat.
(None will. I know that. But it's Sunday - and it just feels like the right thing to do... make comfort food.)


I weighed myself this week. Good news. I'm maintaining my weight. It has not changed one single pound in 5 years. This means that I have successfully found the perfect blend of eating (everything I want) with exercise (none at all) and I don't gain a pound.

Which, of course, means, that it would be easy to lose weight. Just DO something. And just eat LESS and voila. The pounds will drop like leaves in autumn.


About a year ago, someone named Myron died in a vehicle accident on his way home from Harrison Hot Springs with his family. His wife and 4 young children survived the accident; this is her blog.
Read it.


My left eyelid is still flickering.
Yesterday I bought Vitamin D and Magnesium as per suggestions that were made to me the last time I whined mentioned this.
Stay tuned for up to the minute reports as to its effectiveness.


My scanner is still attached to my laptop, (see yesterday's post about Mark Wahlberg) and I'm sorely tempted to scan more old pics. If I can't restrain myself, expect another blast-from-the-past post in the near future.


Sometime in December, Sandra and I took our cameras out for a walk. We ended up on the north side of the Fraser River, east of any area we were familiar with. As I was snapping away, I thought to myself, "We take this totally for granted. What would Tricia, with her palm trees, tropical beaches, and never-ending sunshine think of this? Is it pretty? Do I see any beauty in my surroundings? Because, this? To me? Is meh.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. The sense of smell.
2. Tastebuds.
3. The color blue.


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