Sunday, February 12, 2012

Book vs Movie

And the book wins again.

It was 2000. Our house had sold and my new one wasn't ready for me and the kids yet, so we were living with my parent's on the farm. I was back in my old bedroom, where my queensized mattress balanced on top of a double boxspring. I had a bare lightbulb hanging over my bed, rats in the walls, bats in the window casings and squirrels on the roof. Clint and Max shared my brother's old room - sleeping on mattresses on the floor. Drew slept in a princess bed in my sister's old room with my dad on the floor beside him.

One of my happiest memories (there were a few) during this season of my life was discovering Janet Evanovich's  Stephanie Plum. Oh my goodness.

I would be in my bed, late at night, with everyone except the critters fast asleep and read her books. And I would giggle. Chortle. Snicker. Hoot. Cackle. Then laugh. Uncontrollably. Til I couldn't breathe. A real LOL.
For hours. It was pure silliness and it totally tickled my funny bone.

I've read all 18 books in the series and have a mad crush on Morelli. Maybe one on Ranger too. Grandma is a piece of work, and I think I'd like to have Stephanie as a friend.

Last week a couple friends and I went to see the movie version of Janet's first book: One for the Money:

I didn't laugh. Or fall in love with Morelli. Or Ranger. Grandma was annoying. And Katherine is NOT Stephanie.

Save your money. Go buy the book.

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