Sunday, February 26, 2012

I Adore Meryl

"I'm so glad I watch these by myself" I said to myself as I cried along with Octavia as she won her Oscar.
Sadly, that was the only tear inducing moment until Meryl won:

I love that she thanked her husband first.
I love that she looks like a normal middle aged woman.
I love that she didn't stick her leg out of her dress at an awkward angle to go for a sexy look.
I love her.

Regarding the dresses:
I thought that Emma Stone's dress was too mature for her.
Michelle Williams dress was very flattering.
Colin Firth's wife's dress was unflattering.
Ellie Kemper's dress was perfect for her.
Glenn Close's dress was stunning.
And Gwyneth Paltrow looked elegant. Like Royalty.
Maya Rudolph's dress was beautiful.
Angelina looked silly in her dress whenever she stopped walking. And felt the need to jut her leg out.
Cameron Diaz's dress was lovely. Her hair could've used some attention.
Natalie Portman's dress was perfection.
And Penelope Cruz? So, so pretty.
Jessica Chastain? Wow. That dress was made for her. Perfect.
And Octavia Spencer's dress was entirely appropriate. She looked wonderful.

I have seen 8 of the 9 movies nominated for the Best Picture. The one I didn't see: The Artist. No part of that film looked interesting to me. Still doesn't.

And thus ends my indepth Oscar coverage.


Medical Update:

Danica should be fine.

Oh you thought I'd be updating you on my dad's condition? Or my mom's?
THAT was so last week. Today's medical drama belongs to Danica. She is a soccer player (goalie) and took a kick to the face this afternoon. She has a fractured cheek bone and a concussion. As well as a black eye, swollen face and massive headache.

And my dad is doing well... he's keeping an eye on his roommates and as they fall out of bed he buzzes the nurses for them.

My mom's cough sounds like it's on the mend.

So there you have it. Thanks for asking.


Know who I discovered today? Ten years after the fact?

I have to get an iphone or ipod so I can buy itunes and listen to them all the time. Because they are my new favorite band. I am so cutting edge.


Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Sundays.
2. Dad. Mom and Dani are all on the mend.
3. Two weeks til Spring Break


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