Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New Week

I have been dreading this day for months. MONTHS I tell you.

It was the day of my annual doctor's appointment. The ol' oil n lube appointment. Goodness but I hate those.

Plus it was the appointment that I was going to find out the results of all the tests I've had done... you know, 3 hour blood glucose test, endless pee tests, ultrasounds, and whatnot.

Know what?

I'm freakishly healthy. All parts of me are normal. Yes, even my cholesterol is good. And my blood sugars? Normal.

I know!

Let's go eat cake.


I went to the gym afterwards. To you know, celebrate. Whoo Hoo. Nothing like a clean bill of health to get you right back on that exercise bike.

This time I brought my ear buds and plugged them into the personal screen MOUNTED ON THE FRONT OF THE BIKE and watched Ellen. She had this segment on called "Ellen in Your Ear"... and uh, oh my goodness, I couldn't stop laughing. Really laughing. Crying laughing. At the gym. On the exercise bike. With people all around me.

I may never go back.


Oh. Speaking of things in my ears ... I forgot to mention  - I've had this crackling sound in my ear for about a year. Sounds like water is trapped and sometimes it drives me nuts. I asked my doc to take a looksee and shore nuff, there was a booger in there. "I can flush that out for you," he promised. So after I got dressed, he hooked a hose up to the water tap, and flooded my head by blasting water into my right ear. HOLY COW! It worked.

Do you have any idea how good that feels?

So so good.

Like, really good.


To celebrate, I went to Walmart and bought some underwear.
I always do this before a trip.

(Have I mentioned that yet? I'm using my airmiles to fly the boy and me to Palm Springs. And I'm sharing a time-share with 2 other moms and 2 other grade 12 boys. Spring Break 2012. Yay. I have 3 new books, reading sunglasses (best invention ever), new flip flops, new underwear, and my toothbrush packed. The rest will get thrown into the suitcase hours before we leave. And yes, we will be leaving for the airport HOURS AND HOURS before the plane is scheduled to leave. Because I will not run through the border with my suitcase ever again.)


To recap; it's Monday.  I was handled and hosed by my doctor, I sweated and snurffled at the gym. Then I bought bloomers at WALMART. As I was driving home, round 5 pm, I wished I'd remembered where I'd left my phone, because I wanted to call Drew and ask him to put the potatoes on.

When I walked in the door, I was greeted with, "Where is your phone? People have been trying all afternoon to get ahold of you! What is your problem? Why have a phone if you're not going to keep it with you? Julie called, Bups is in the hospital."


My dad is in the hospital. He's got bronchitis, coupled with his ever-present congestive heart failure. He's in good spirits (when is he not?) and my mom seems to have peace that he is in good hands.

If you're the praying sort, wouldja mind saying a prayer for him? He's got dementia and my mom is his lifeline. He needs her in his sites at all times. Join us in praying that he'll be calm and peace-filled while admitted and that his nurses would be attentive and gentle. We're also praying that he'll be released sometime on Tuesday and that The Guy in Charge of Getting Help to Those Who Need It would be able to hook my mom up with some support services.



Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Doctors, Hospitals
2. Peace, Hope
3. Technology, Progress


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