Friday, February 3, 2012

Talk. And Talk. And Talk Some More.

Three things I'm thankful for:
(A short post tonight so that D doesn't have to wait to start their morning devotions while K reads a long, rambling post...)

1. Spectacular sunsets.

(Photos taken while driving. Yes with my big camera and heavy lens. In traffic. I wasn't texting or talking on my cell. So no laws were broken in the making of this post.)

2. LONG, meandering, lovely, deep 5 hour dinner conversation with a friend from the past.
In a pub. (Erhm, "social house").While the Canuck's played a close game.
We were the oldest people in the establishment.

3. All three of my kids were in my house at some point during the past 12 hours. Max arrived just as I was leaving for dinner, and Clint popped in minutes after I got home. Made perogies with bacon and onions at midnight. I really do love being their mom.


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