Thursday, February 16, 2012

"What's Your Name"?

... the courier asked when I signed for today's mail.
"Really? That's it?"
"uh huh."

Which doesn't have anything to do with anything except that it kinda segues into the title of the book we chatted about tonight:
My Name is Asher Lev.

Asher Lev is, admittedly, a more interesting name than Jane.

Have you read this book? It's about art. (Is there a conflict between art and religion? Can you paint nudes and be a Christian? Can you write books with scenes of violence, and sex and still have Jesus in your heart?) And brilliance. (Is brilliance a gift from God? Exceptional ability and talent... is that something that must be nurtured? If you don't spend time learning and growing your talent- would that be like a sin?)  And family relationships.(The sacrifices one has to make to be 'brilliant' in their chosen field  - how does this impact family life? Relationships? Does everyone in the family have to 'suffer' for the sake of the artist's brilliance?) And unfinished business. (How many of us are on a quest because our people before us didn't finish something... Have we lifted up the baton that was left to us by our parents?) And creativity. (Are we all creative because our Creator is creative?) And calling. (If you are called to be or do something, does that mean that God has equipped you for the journey?) And passion. (Ahh, That old question - what are you passionate about? What do you want to do/be above all else? Some of us never find out. Some of know, without a doubt, from a very young age.)
Twas fascinating.

We had two youngin's come out to give us their perspective and thoughts; Karyn, and Charlene. So fun having them there. Thanks you two. Come back anytime.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Went to the Canuck's game on Monday night and witnessed LIVE my first ever shoot out. So fun. Especially since we won. And I especially loved this evening because Drew and Danica came too.
2. Went to see The Vow (which did not move me to a sobbing snotty mess, as anticipated.) with friends on Valentine's Day evening. Especially loved this evening because I had dinner with Clint first.
3. LOVE book club tonight because of the great guided conversations and fun friends involved. I especially loved this particular evening because I had a chance to talk to Max on the phone before, during and after the meeting. And then after THAT, I debriefed with Clint on facebook chat.
4. And I am incredibly thankful that I have absolutely no plans for tomorrow night. Nada. Which is going to work out great, because it's Thursday. And I LOVE Thursdays.

Shalom, friends.

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Kim N. said...

I very much enjoyed Asher Lev. I love the arts and marvel at the creativity of many around me, but I really struggled with the giftedness vs God aspect of the book. Although it is clear that Asher had a gift that was screaming to get out, I often found myself agreeing with his father, the mashpia and the Rebbe about the use of that gift. If the gift is from God, shouldn't its use be glorifying to Him? Shouldn't its freedom of expression be tempered by the command to love others as oneself? If it is not submitted to His authority, then the gift itself becomes an idol and useful to (in the terms of the book) "the Other Side". This came to mind particularly about the pain he caused his parents and community with the crucifixion paintings.If the call to be true to my artistic impulse is greater than the call to follow God then I think something is out of whack in my walk and He is not Master of my Universe!
It was so good to have some fresh young perspectives at book club. Always a good time.