Sunday, March 25, 2012


  • It's Saturday night. Most of my friends are either on facebook or pinterest. 
  • If someone wanted to be a volunteer and didn't know what to do, they could hang out at the hospital during meal times and help the ol guys eat. Most of them can't manage, and the nurses don't have time.
  • A person shouldn't be on facebook, pinterest, blogger and try to BBQ salmon at the same time. 
  • Hunger Games is a dark movie, based on a horrid premise (teens killing each other while the country watches) - but it's wildly entertaining and both my mom and my kids want to see it. HOW OFTEN DOES THAT HAPPEN? (By the way, I saw it today. Will be going again.)
  • It was warm and sunny today; everywhere I looked (from Langley to Abby to Surrey and back) young women/teens with long legs were in shorts. The males of our species?  Not so much. 
  • Words of understanding and encouragement are life-giving and like water to a parched soul.
  • Crispy burnt BBQ salmon doesn't taste good.
  • Catherine the Great led a mighty interesting life. 
  • I'd like to go to Palm Springs again. That week was good for my soul. And my skin.
  • I know most of the words to most of the of country and western songs popular in the 60's and 70's. (Probably the 50's and 80's too.) I'm not necessarily proud of this. It's just a fact. 
  • Nurses are underpaid and underappreciated. 
  • Salmon Fishing in Yemen is a GREAT movie. Seriously awesome. 
  • My dad was the first man to love me. Unless God's got something up His sleeve, my dad is also the last. 
  • I'm OK with that.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. I was privileged to be able to watch The Hunger Games with two very enthusiastic fans this afternoon. Love that.
2. I had a lovely visit with my dad this evening ... he was very relaxed and calm. Sleepy but smiley. I love the nurse he had tonight. She was so attentive and caring and gentle. 
3. The shag carpet in my living room. Best purchase of 2011.


(Dad's health update: It's true, he's sitting up and actually consuming some mashed food. But his doctor is quick to tell us not to read anything into this. He is not 'getting better'... he is still very weak, and the effects of the stroke are strong. On the plus side, he recognizes us, gives us all lopsided smiles and reassures each of us that he loves us. Tonight I simply sat beside his bed, held his hand while he dozed and prayed. For him and for all the guys in his room; George, who's been there for 8 months, Mr. Lai who will not be getting better/going home and for Michael. Michael (a very frail man in his 80's and his younger wife (early 70's) were playing cribbage tonight. It was so sweet. She was so gentle and patient and they seemed to truly enjoy each other's company. She had made herself at home in his corner of the room and well, I just loved the way she was happy to hang out with him. Ahhhhh mature love. Is there anything more beautiful? I think not.) 

Anyway, back to dad. He is a fighter, and he's determined to hang around as long as possible. And as long as he keeps smiling at us, we'll keep sitting by his side. )

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