Friday, March 30, 2012


So yesterday after work I rushed over to Langley Concrete to borrow a pick-up truck. The gas gauge was almost resting on empty, so I stopped to put in gas, then zipped home. I was bringing a double boxspring and mattress and bedding set to Max in New West. 'Cept, it turned out, the pick up was one of those cute ones with a matching canopy. Not a big working one. So all we could fit in there was the mattress, which I had bagged and sealed because it was sticking out the back end and it was raining.

Rush hour traffic and stupid weather caused my commute to New West to take an hour. I got to Max's at 4:20. By the time we got the mattress out and up to his apartment it was 4:35. By the time we got one of old mattresses packed into the truck, it was 4:45. By the time we broke/smashed one of the old boxsprings into pieces so it'would fit in the truck, twas 5:10 pm



So I brought the old mattress and broken boxspring home, and arranged for Drew to take it to the Langley dump after school today. Then return the truck to his dad.

Today, I facebook begged anyone to lend me a pick up truck with a bed big enough to hold a boxspring and mattress. Trish responded that I could borrow hers, but not til about 3:30 pm.

So I put some gas in my truck, which was running on fumes, and picked up Trish's Ford 350 with extended cab and bed and smelled like a chicken barn. It was as long as the motor homes I used to rent for Creationfest. The gas gauge was resting on empty, so I stopped to get gas, then got onto the freeway. (Ideally, I should have gone back home to pick up the boxspring, but I didn't have time, nor was Drew home to give me a hand.)

I got to Max's place at 4:30 pm. Due to the Pouring Rain and it being Rush Hour again.
We threw the second old boxspring and mattress set into the back of the truck and started praying. Well, I started praying. We were cutting it soooo close...

There was a train.
Then another train.
Then one red light after another.
Then not one, but two accidents on the Patullo Bridge, which backed up traffic onto every single road we attempted to move forward on.

"We're not going to get there on time. This is a waste," Max said.
"We're committed. Not turning around now." I replied.
"I'll pray." I promised. "Let's see what happens."

We pulled into the Coquitlam dump at 5:01 pm.
They closed the gate right behind us.

We dropped off those %^#* bed pieces and paid the $20 per piece fee.
"Should we just head out to my place to pick up the bed frame and boxspring from your old bedroom?" I asked.
"I think it'll fit in the back of my Pathfinder," Max says. "I'll come out later. Just take me home."

So I drove him back to New West, then drove out to Aldergrove to return the truck to Trish.

I picked up some pizza and a few groceries and was home by 7:30 pm.

Max was over at 8:00.
The boxspring did not fit.

I suggested we leave it til we could borrow Clint's truck on the weekend.
Buttttt, he really wanted to get it done tonight.

So I called my friend, Maxine, asking if we could borrow her truck.
Seriously, I have the best friends.

She said yes, so I drove to her place, left my Escape on her front lawn and drove her cute little Ford back to my house. We bagged and sealed the boxspring and zapstrapped it into the back of the truck. We used electrical tape to attach a safety work vest (with reflective stripes) to the back of the mattress so that there was a dangling thing hanging off the long load we had. (Are people still required to do this?)

I noticed the gas gauge was resting on empty so I got some gas, then in the rain, got back on the freeway. Max followed in his truck, with the bedframe.

We unloaded it at 10:30 pm and I returned the truck to Maxine by 11:20 pm.

How is my dad today? I haven't a clue.
But my kid has his own bed in his own room in his apartment.

There are not enough hours in a day.
Or enough big pick up trucks.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Friends with trucks who are OK lending them to me. I am blessed.
2. My mom and Jule who keep dad company even when I can't be there.
3. My coworkers. Best team ever.


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Robin said...

Jane I am getting exhausted just reading this! Your boys are so blessed!