Friday, April 27, 2012


The excitement. It never ends.
This morning, he fell/jumped/rolled/burst out of bed again. On legs that will not support him.
This time he hit his head.

They've done a CT scan to see if the fall caused any damage to his noggin.

You know what? This season in his life? IS HARD ON THOSE WHO LOVE HIM.
It's exhausting - all this neverending drama.
As you'd expect, it's taking a toll on my mom. Every other day, something new to deal with. So. Many. Decisions.

This was something we did not anticipate.
So we make it up as we go. And praying that wherever we made poor or uninformed decisions, God is making up for our shortcomings. We just have to keep reminding ourselves that dad's life is in His hands. Not ours.


I jokingly told the small crew left at the office that "they were sure going to miss me when I'm gone" (after I monopolized the conversation during our staff sharing time, giving a 'dad' update, shared my 'Where In the World is George' story, talked about the NA meeting I attended last night, and then tried to convery the pure joy I experienced when I walked into the house late last night, and saw Drew and Brett scrapbooking) and they agreed. It will be quieter with me not bellowing about my dysfunctional life. So this prompted them to pray for me again. Which got me crying again. And seriously. This is the longest goodbye, ever. But I sure have felt loved in the process.


When I got home from work, I baked 4 round cakes and a batch of White Chocolate Buttercream icing while cleaning up the dining room, the kitchen and the front hall. At 6:30 pm my mom came over for supper. At 7 pm, some friends popped in to watch Stacy demonstrate how to decorate a cake we'd all been admiring on Pinterest. (What? You're not on Pinterest yet? Do you want me to help you get set up? Because I could do that. And I'd love to get you addicted to creative images.) Check out my cakes board. Doesn't it give you a toothache just looking at it?

We made these cakes:

So. Much. Sticky. Fun.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Young women who don't mind hanging out/sharing their knowledge with us old ladies.
2. Co-workers who end up being more than that.
3. Sweet things.


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