Sunday, April 22, 2012

Three Thingys

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Drew loves his job. Seriously, isn't it awesome when you kid(s) enjoy the work they do?
2. Friends with job ideas. Seriously, thanks. I know that when I do get a new job it will be because one of my friends has told me to apply.
3. The sun shone. I slept in. I saw my dad. I went out for dinner and a movie with my mom. All in all, a solid Saturday.


Re: Jessica update - Yesterday, she had a bit of a scary "episode", where her oxygen saturation levels really dropped, as well the nurse felt that the ECMO tube into Jessica's heart had moved a 1/2 inch. They had to stick a camera down her throat to look, and as the day progressed, it gradually corrected itself, so nothing had to be done.

I saw a post earlier today that said something about learning what it means to "pray without ceasing", and that is definitely something I, personally, have learned throughout this whole experience, and will continue to do. 

Thank you all again for the continued to support. Continue to contend for and raise Jessica up in your prayers!

Re: My dad, update - According to George, dad had a rough night. He was creating a ruckus in the room, ripping apart his bed and getting undressed again. And this morning he was having issues with peeing and whatnot. I spent a couple hours with him this afternoon (when my mom was there) so naturally he was calm and dozy. :)

He still has a fever, which means he has an infection, probably in his bladder. 

They are starting to talk again of his discharge plans, and the Fraser Health liaison gal will be working only until May 7, then she's going on Mat leave - so she'd like to get a plan in place before she's off. Unfortunately, since dad was admitted on Feb 20, he has not been stable for more than 2 days. There's always something. As soon as we move towards a plan, his health deteriorates or throws us a curve, and we go back to waiting and watching. 

If you're still praying for us:
1. That we would finish this well. By not growing weary or faint. 
2. That the doctors and nurses would be granted divine wisdom in knowing how to treat him.
3. That God would use these circumstances for His purposes and His glory. That our presence in that hospital would be a testimony of His goodness and faithfulness. Let that flow through us towards everyone we come into contact with.  I pray that 'they will know Him by our love'.
4. That dad would be comfortable and painfree. That his roommates would have an extra measure of patience when he gets unmanageable. And I pray that he would not be difficult again. 
5. I pray that God would direct our paths as we prepare for his release from the hospital. 
6. I pray that dad would be filled with His perfect peace.

Thank you.

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