Friday, May 11, 2012

FABULOUS Jessica Update:

From an email that Jessica's mom sent out yesterday:

Yesterday our nurse had suggested we bring in a few things from home that Jess would recognize, so if you know Jess she loves her nail polish - I brought that in and her favourite moisturizer. This morning when I arrived she was quite sleepy as she had just come off her trial (which means being off the ventilator), she had handled it very well. I got to sit with her for a while and moisturize and rub her feet, then the physiotherapist came in to move her to her time in her chair, I have learnt that sitting in a chair is exercise!! I left the room and when I came back in she was sitting quite peacefully, handling it much better than yesterday, I asked her if it was okay for me to take her nail polish off, she nodded :) As I knelt at her feet and worked on her nails, I was so happy that I could do this simple task for her, every once in a while she would open her eyes and check up on me. One of her previous nurses dropped by cause she had heard Jess was in a chair and had to come check on her. The staff here are all so thrilled to see her improve a little each day. It's amazing how grateful we are for the little things that we get from Jess, when her Grandma Jean came into the room and said hello, Jess got the biggest smile on her face, it made my mum's day! I have a new appreciation for the "little" things in life.
A friend from Abbotsford, whom I have been blessed to get to know better through this journey, came with her husband to pray with us on Tuesday afternoon, she shared a prayer with us that she prays on behalf of Jess - as she breathed in she prayed: "Jesus, may all that is you" and as she exhaled she prayed : "flow into me". A group of 8 of us prayed this together in the Chapel Tuesday afternoon for Jess, that He would breathe into her. If you find some quiet space take some time to ask God's presence flow into you as you breathe that prayer.

And a facebook update today from Eric:

Jess' heavy sedatives have worn off and she has become very alert and aware of things going on around her, even around the world. When my Dad came in last night, she asked him how the Canucks were doing. When he let her know they had lost in the first round, she asked about boston, and he gave her the satisfying news that they also had been kicked out first round.
If I can recall to memory the update I gave just over a week ago about the last time I saw Jess awake: when I left her in the emergency room before she was sedated and intubated, she held our her fist, and we fist bumped, just like we always did. When I walked in last night, she said hey, and I grabbed her hand just like I always did when i go in, but she pulled her hand away, and made a fist. It was like having her back. Even only she knew everything that happened between our two fist bumps.
Though she's still lightly sedated, shes performing normal functions like adjusting her sheets, mouthing words and scratching her nose.
Right now, in between Jess' lung and her rib bones she has a Hematoma, which is a buildup of liquids, causing her a lot of pain. The tentative plan right now is to transfer her to Surrey on Tueaday and for Dr.Bond to operate on her on Wednesday. Our prayers are that when this is removed her lung will inflate, and in the meantime, let's pray for continuous improvement every day, and strength for Jess as she goes through her breathing trials off the ventilator.
She just finished a four hour one and did super well.

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