Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Know What?

1. Everyone should ask their bosses and co-workers for letters of reference, EVEN IF YOU AREN'T LEAVING YOUR JOB. Seriously. The love. The kind words. The affirmation. Best shot of encouragement ever. Wish I'd asked everyone to write one for me....

2. My baby's prom is Thursday night. That sounds ghey. I rarely think of him as my baby... mostly because he was a horrid infant, and I want to forget those days.  Let's start again - Drew is graduating this week. His and Danica's dinner/dance is Thursday night... this just might be my last time ever to take grad pics of happy, smiling, beautiful 18 year olds. Coincidentally, one of my high school graduation dress-up-dinners took place on May 31 too. (The church banquet one.) How come I remember this? Well, I have a steel trap of a mind, plus, it was the night before my 18th birthday. May 31 was Chuck R's birthday, and mine was June 1. They sang Happy Birthday to us, complete with birthday cakes and candles - and asked him and I each to give a speech on behalf of the girls/boys of our grad class. It was a memorable night. Plus I have photos that help to jog the ol memory.

I'm the one in the middle. Just too adorable :)

3. Last week I introduced my dad to the shuffleboard table and nerf basketball play set we found while wandering about the lodge. He didn't have the strength or coordination to move those rocks(?) even a few inches forward, or to lob the nerf ball upwards. All week long I continued to stop by the table and hoop to encourage him to try for a few minutes. I was amazed at how good he was doing on Saturday. And today? He fired those rocks from one end of the table to the other like a pro. And HE SLAM DUNKED a basket! He was sitting in his wheel chair, directly under the hoop, but still. He figured out how to throw. Awkwardly, sure. But it was a victory and he celebrated with a hint of a smile.

4. Doug Sawatsky died. He was in the room right beside my dad, and he was the only resident who shared a table with dad at meal times. Dad's been sitting alone in the dining room for the past 10 days, while Doug was in the hospital. So sad. He'd only been at the Lodge a few weeks longer than my dad. Another neighbour in dad's 'neighbourhood' (ward) passed away last week too. I guess this will be a normal aspect to my life from now on. And know what else? My dad hates it there and wants to 'go'. He doesn't have a firm grasp on what his alternatives are, but he knows he doesn't want to be there.

5. Jessica, for those of you wondering, has had a few set backs in her recovery. Her mom posted this:
It is one week since the surgery, and it has been long week. However, Jess has worked hard and is slowly improving. They have started her on her breathing trials again - (this is where she is taken off the ventilator) when we left RCH she was off for 12 hours, she started this week doing 2 sessions of 25 mins and ended today doing 3 sessions of 2 hours plus sitting for an hour in a chair. These simple tasks - breathing and sitting - we take for granted, but as Mark said today "they may seem trivial but any chance we get to celebrate her life, we do"

So if you're the praying type, I'm sure the Funks would appreciate your continued prayers and support. 

6. I had the nicest afternoon tea today. Except there was no tea. And it was almost evening by the time I had to dash. But man. I love this business of not working. And having time to reconnect with friends I haven't seen in 100 years. So awesome. Will this get old? Will I crave the feelings of self worth that come from contributing to an organization while doing an honest day's work? Will I wish I didn't have unlimited day time freedom? Will I get tired of meeting friends and swapping stories? I don't think so. 
I should be married to a successful business man, shouldn't I? 
Oh wait. I was.

7. Know what else? I boxed up 4 more cartons of crap today. And looked into renting a pod. POD. 

I will probably get one delivered as soon as Drew's grad activities (prom, dry grad, ceremony) are done. And then I'll list my house. 
It's a faith thing. 
I didn't want to let go of this place til God showed me what was next. 
Uh, yeah.
He's not showing me nothing.

So maybe I have to open my hands, let go of these things I'm holding onto, and have faith that He has something ready for me to move on to. 
Yes, this is not the way I like to do things. 
Yes, I know, this is how He operates best. 


8. And know what else? 
It doesn't matter how old you are. Your story is still being written. There are probably a few twists in the plot coming up; at least you better hope there are. Predictable stories are boring. 

7. Lastly. Know what?
This is your life. 
Are you who you want to be? 
Hmmmm. Another way of asking that might be, Are you who He wants you to be? 

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. My mom. She has spent EVERY SINGLE AFTERNOON with my dad, without a break, for 3 months. (Mind you, she cared for him, 24/7 for five solid years before this latest health crisis.) She? Is a rare woman.

2. Soft, freshly baked hotdog buns from Safeway. 

3. Flowers. In gardens, and in vases. 


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