Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Wasting Money

I'm in Madeira Park, a small community on the Sunshine Coast, staying at the guest house of some awfully generous folks. Tis absolutely beautiful here...
Will post pics and thoughts next weekend.

Three things I'm so very thankful for:
1. No rain.
2. The ocean.
3. Friendly strangers.


A few more comments from Anonymous:
Cold FX is a waste of money, paying to see a movie twice is an irresponsible use of money. Hate to see you when your severance runs out Jane if this is a small sample of how you spend when you do have an income. Cheers.

lets see:

no job - check
hire a gardener - check
eat out for dinners - check
complain about money - check



valerie said...

Madiera Park is where we vacationed when we went to the Sunshine Coast. It is very relaxing. We would go to Ruby Lake.
As for anonymous ......
Good thing he/she has life figured out. Whatever.

Heather said...

ha! I think I remember "anonymous" isn't this the same DB that made harsh comments last year? so many words... so little time ;)

Tricia said...

Hmm, seems like, "Anonymous," irresponsibly uses their time to judge your life..

Anonymous said...

Holy Cow, Who hates you.
Have a fantastic time. I am praying for you. Love Marj

Anonymous said...

Anonymous doesn't really know you and should keep their comments to themselves. Being critical anonymously is so pathetic. Maybe Anonymous should try encouraging others instead of being critical and sarcastic. ANONYMOUS, BEFORE YOU ARE CRITICAL TOWARDS OTHERS AND YOU HAVEN'T WALKED IN THEIR SHOES, TAKE A GOOD LOOK AT YOURSELF.

Anonymous said...

Truth or Lies?

It the most distant people that generally hold the most truths. There's no emotional connections, no strings attached, no reason to bluff.

How many best friends will tell (white) lies because of that emotional connection. How often will a best friend offer some constructive criticism?

Try that, ask each friend to offer one piece of constructive criticism and see what comes up.

They won't. Because. Of. That. Emotional. Connection.

When I hear a person say to me about another person, "wow, she is a bit irresponsible with her money", "yikes, her hair has seen some better years" but that same person is a best friend of that person, what does that mean? Truth? Lies? Which one? Or both?

All. Are. Facts.

"O" boy... ...

Anonymous said...

Truth or Lies?

Does anyone disagree that when on a fixed income, spending money to see a movie twice is irresponsible?

Forget about who it is. Anyone care to answer?

Does the truth make people lie?
Does the truth make people lie?

Interesting, isn't it?

Diane said...

Anonymous needs to get a life.