Friday, June 22, 2012

Currently - June

And with that ("that" being three "Currently's" in three months), THIS has now become a regular feature. (This was the May version. And this was April.)

Obsessing over,
Working on,
Thinking about,
Listening to,
Praying for,
Happy about,

I am obsessing over:
  • My lost notebook. My whole life (at least the bits that weren't on my laptop) is in that notebook. And it disappeared sometime last weekend. I have taken apart two homes, two vehicles, and contacted every single business/organization that I visited last Saturday and Sunday TO NO AVAIL. Police report numbers, insurance claim numbers, phone numbers, email addresses, fax numbers for Telus re: getting out of that bloody contract I've been stuck in forever ... I am obsessed. 
  • My fight against FEAR. I will not be paralyzed by it. I will not. 

I am working on:

  • insurance projects. (Auto, House, Unemployment and Life.) Surprisingly, this has turned into a full time job. So. Many. Forms. (No, seriously. SO MANY FORMS. And they all require that I DO something.) It's like homework. 
  • My priorities. I always get mixed up on what's really important.

I am thinking about:

  • The Midnight Madness Ikea event tonight and how I'm not going. Because I JUST decluttered. But I really want to. (See what I mean about proiorities?)
  • My kids. I'm not living with any of them right now and I feel so disconnected. It POURED today and I thought about Max landscaping in this wet, and Drew at the golf course in this wet. 
  • My dad. And the rough day he had. And consequently we all had. 
  • Friends who are hurting and struggling right now.
  • The drug deal I just saw go down at the gas station at the corner.
  • The nap I had this afternoon and how that was probably not a good idea. 

I am anticipating:

  • My new laptop to arrive any day now. Fingers crossed it will be Tuesday. 
  • Lunch with my Arrow mates next week.
  • Reading some of those books I bought last Saturday. (WHERE DID THIS WEEK GO?)
  • Moving back to my house full time tomorrow. My God is bigger than my puny fears.
  • My first showing (a realtor is bringing her clients through my house) this weekend.  
  • Seeing Brave. 
  • A few weddings this summer.
  • Living with Drew again.
  • Menopause.

I am listening to:

  • Downton Abbey from the other room. I introduced it to my mom earlier this week; she's partway through the second season.
  • Her clocks chime. This house is full of chiming clocks.
  • The automatic icemaker make ice.

I am eating:

  • A Caramilk. And I'm washing it down with lots and lots of water.

I am reading:

  • online job descriptions
  • Insurance claim forms
  • One Year Bible
  • HA! This is from last month: I am currently working my way through: Inheritance (final book in the Eragon series), Death Comes to Pemberley (by PD James), Cloud Atlas (by David Mitchell), The Me I Want to Be(by John Ortberg) and Let's Pretend that Never Happened (by The Blogess, Jenny Lawson)  I HAVEN'T FINISHED A SINGLE ONE OF THEM. Other than re-reading Outliers for my bookclub meeting on Thursday night, I haven't read anything since I was robbed. People, there are SO many things I long to read. 

I am praying for:
  • Jessica's complete healing and full recovery.
  • My dad. He's SO agitated; he wants that seatbelt OFF. NOW. Today he was mean and forceful about it. 
  • My kids' relationship with/knowledge of/surrender to/ God.
  • Engaged/newlywed couples 
  • Strength and courage for my mom.
  • My unknown future daughter-in-laws and their families.
  • My next job situation.
  • The guys who broke into my house - that they would encounter the living God and forever be changed. 

I am happy about:

  • My new iphone. 
  • How nice my house looks these days.
  • Living on a hill. There is talk of flooding with all this rain.
  • The kindness of strangers.
  • Endless opportunities.
  • The roll of Sweet Tarts at my side. And how, so far, there have been WAY more blue, pink and orange ones than purple and green.
  • Drew graduated!

I am wishing:

  • HA! This is from last month: that God would surprise me in unexpected ways this summer. WHOA - that break -in WAS a surprise. 
  • that my life would make a difference.
  • that the staff/management issues that are taking place at the Kinsmen Lodge would be sorted out satisfactorily.
  • That I would stop biting my nails. 
  • That I would ooze gratitude. 

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