Sunday, June 17, 2012

Everyday is Father's Day

On Friday afternoon, when the sun shone and the rain subsided, I took my dad for a two block walk outside. In the fresh air. Which he hadn't breathed since Feb 20.

He didn't seem particularly excited.

Seeing I am driving his red truck these days, I thought I'd jog his memory by wheeling his wheelchair right up beside it.
"Welllll, what do we have here?" I asked.
"My red truck," he whispers in awe. He had totally forgotten he owned a red truck. Or any vehicle.
"Looks good," he slurrrs out. "No rust."
"Yup. It's a good-looking truck," I agree.
"Who drives it?" he asks.
"I do. Is that OK?"
"My truck was stolen a few days ago, so I'm borrowing your truck, just until I get a new one. I'll be careful."

"Oh, look what's inside," I say as I open the door.
"My hat."
"Yup. Your hat. Here."
I hand it to him, and he touches in softly. He puts it on his head and sighs.

(This? Is a smile. A tired smile. A man-who-has-had-a-massive-stroke-smile.)

We walked a block and then he said, "I'm going to piddle outside."
"Uh. No. Let's go back in. We'll get the nurses to help you ..."

And that was our big adventure. 

I'm looking forward to doing it again. 
Maybe next month, on our one-and-only rain-free day. 


Today was the (THE) day:

It was SAVE BOOKSTORES day... everyone was supposed to go into a bookstore and buy one book. 
What? You didn't go? 

No worries.

Between the four of us who went on a Used Book Store Crawl this afternoon, I think we picked up 30 different titles. These are mine:

Middlesex by Eugenides
Playing with Fire by Theo Fleury (That Calgary Flames player I always hated)
Playing for Pizza by Grisham (Hardcover only $2. For a rainy afternoon when I want to start and finish a book in two hours and not have to think.)
Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris
The Fault in our Stars by John Green

I am in the middle of reading 3 other titles, so I won't be diving into these for at least a week. 

Know where we had lunch?
And I'd HIGHLY recommend this spot to anyone who loves good sandwiches and great pie ...

The Chilliwack Airport. 

(Well, not you, Tricia. That's a long drive for you. But the rest of you. Pop in the next time you're East of Vancouver.)

My housemate and I went to church tonight. She drove.

Jeff has finished talking about sex and has moved on to joy. Looks like this series will be a study on the book of Phillipians. So good.

There was one section of the sermon that had my spidey senses tingling... the part where he said, "What was intended for evil, God uses for His good." (It was in reference to Paul being thrown in prison, and being stripped of everything. God used those circumstances for His purposes. And Paul was content to do his part in the advancement of the Gospel from jail, being chained to his guards.) I love that I used those exact same words (from Genesis "What was intended for evil ...") in a facebook status update this week.

God knew what happened last weekend. It didn't surprise Him. 
He allowed it because He can use those circumstances (and me) for His good work. 
And HE IS AT WORK HERE. He is going about His business. 

I love how a weekend sermon DIRECTLY relates to the type of week I've had. It ties the week up nicely. 
(Which is something I CAN'T say about the sex sermons.) Hahaha.


Three FIVE things I'm thankful for:
1. Got some more pennies today, thanks Aunt Mary and Uncle John.
2. Chick Flick night at the House-With-No-Boys. Mom and I watched Two Weeks Notice. My crush on Hugh Grant has been revived. 
3. Orchids. Thanks, again, Donna.
4. God still speaks to His people. He will use a creative, articulate, passionate preacher when necessary. Other times? He'll use your friends. Maybe even your mom. 
5. Max got a promotion in responsibility to Crew Chief at his landscaping job. I'm so proud of him.
6. Thankful for friends who love books. 
7. Thankful for friends who don't mind pricing out jewelry with me for insurance purposes.
8. Thankful for friends who want to share their iphone knowledge with me.
9. Thankful that I can have fresh, cool, clean drinking water in just 10 steps. 
10. Thankful for young twenty-something-year old tattooed and long-haired men/boys go to church (by themselves) on Saturday night and sing worship songs (with powerful voices). 


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