Tuesday, June 19, 2012

For Those Of You Wondering... A Jessica Update:

Thoughts from her dad:

Having Jessica home with us is wonderful. It's hard to explain, but every time I talk to her or see her I have a sense that she's a living a miracle. 

When she came home last Friday she was experiencing some very persistent coughing episodes which eventually eased off later in the afternoon. We contemplated taking her to a grad party with friends after Eric's grad commencement; however, Dr Hansen wisely cautioned us to limit her interaction with only a few people over the next 2 weeks and we could see it was going to be too much for her. Her body was very sore the next day from all the coughing the day before, we did get her mobile with a few walks around the house but it was definitely a day of pain management and rest; as a result she was feeling less pain the following day. We are working with Jess on building up her appetite as we know she lacks energy and strength but it is a very slow road; even though food isn't very appealing to her we see her making small strides every day.
Sunday evening was Eric's grad dinner at Southgate Church; this was the date and event that she focused on 9 days previously in hospital when she said she was going to come home June 10th! I wheeled her in the back way around the side after the program had begun and we strategically placed her along the side curtain surrounded by her mum and grandma to limit access. It was so nice to see her big smile as friends made their way past our table to say hello during the food part of the program. After the leaders prayed for Eric I wheeled her out the back before the program had completely finished. It was a wonderful evening and was so great to see her accomplish that goal of getting to the banquet.

We said goodbye to Grandma Jean on Monday night as her flight left back to Brisbane, Australia. Her original travel plans had her staying for 1 month, but we were able to extend her visit for an extra month. She provided so much practical and emotional support for us; we would have been so stressed if she wasn't here to help us. She kept our clothes washed and would go for a daily walk up to the grocery to fetch fresh fruit and other things for our breakfast's and lunches. We were so blessed to have her with us and she was thrilled that she was able to stay to see Jessica come home. God is so good for all these little things to work out during Jessica's sickness and recovery!

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