Monday, July 2, 2012

That was a long weekend?

Why does my enthusiasm for significant days (Christmas, Thanksgiving, Canada Day, for example) depend on what my kids are up to?
Why does it seem like most families are spending these days together? With each other? And enjoying it?

On Saturday night, Max and his friend got to the cabin around 7 pm.
I got there at 9.
Drew arrived at 10, and Clint at 11.
Some of Clint's friends showed up shortly after that.

I can remember, when they were all a little younger, I'd lay on the bench on the deck, look at the stars and and listen to them (my boys and their friends) just below me on the lawn, sitting around a fire, talking about epic battles between various animals hopped up on steroids. I'd listen and pray and smile and nod off and wonder when they'd ever get around to talking about something interesting. Or deep. Or meaningful.

Last night, with various youngin's sharing living space with me (varying in age from 28 - 18) I listened in on their conversations again. It was raining (when isn't it? Seriously. We had ONE 24 hour period in the entire month of June where the skies were clear) so no one was sitting outside around a fire. They were on the couches in the living room, I was at the dining room table. Know what? The older they get? The worse the conversations get. I was actually longing for 'a hippo hopped on steroids versus a rhino hopped up on steroids' talk.

At midnight they started watching a show, and Clint said, "Plug your ears mom. You're not going to like this." He was right. It was totally offensive.  So I just went to my room.

Oh the good ol days. They were good, weren't they?

This morning?
Drew was gone before I got up.
Max and Curtis were on their way out as I came downstairs.
Clint and his friends left shortly after that.

Happy Canada Day.
It was quiet, grey day at the lake. I doodled. Read. Cleaned.
And spent alot of time talking to God about my kids.

I think I heard Him tell me to chill. He wasn't done with them yet.
And I am certain that God, who began good work in Clint, Max and Drew, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns. Phi 1:6

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. I bought a truck to replace that one I used to love. 2008 Ford Escape. WHITE. And now that I am an experienced used car purchaser? I can say with confidence, I will never buy a vehicle from a Used Car Lot again. My experience at Dams Ford a couple years ago was 100% better than Saturday's experience.

Live and learn.
I have learnt.

2. I bought a new laptop to replace that one I used to love. This one? Is not white, unfortunately. They charge more for white ones. So, like my OLD Escape, my precious new keeper-of-photos and connection-to-the-digital-world is black. I'm OK with that.

And mark my words, I will (WILL) back up all my work every single week starting now. For the rest of my life.

3. I bought a new purse. It's small(ish) and yellow. I know. I don't even know who I am anymore.

I am thankful that I had insurance. And that I could go on a shopping spree (of gargantuan proportions) this weekend. It is exhausting, no? All this decision making? This keeping of receipts?This wondering if you've chosen wisely?

4. I am thankful that Drew and Danica decided to spend the evening playing games at the lake this evening. I wasn't expecting them to drive up for just a few hours, but was thrilled when they arrived. While I puttered and cleaned, they chatted and competed.

5. I am thankful that my mom sees my dad every. single. day. I just wish that it didn't feel so hopeless and sad.

6. I am thankful that today marks the first day of a new month. LAST month, on June 1 (my birthday) I was at sea with friends, having a lovely dinner, when we unexpectedly were called upon to handle a mayday call; and then revise our plans to include a rescue mission. That evening was a foreshadow of how the rest of the month would go. Goodbye June.


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