Sunday, August 12, 2012

Final Hours

...of the Olympics:

1. Opening song was meh. Maybe I should just go outside.

2. Harry isn't much of an enthusiastic anthem singer. And is that a moustache? Doesn't matter, he's repping his granny well. And Kate's there too. Sigh. She's just so perfect, no?

3. "Our House"?  Was that song 'off' too? Maybe it's my ears.

4. How old are One Direction? These Olympics are making me feel all of my 51 years. Everyone is so young.

5. I would be OK if the singers lip synced. Sometimes live performances are over rated.

6. I'm a fan of the Rona ads.

7. I'm trying to figure out a way to watch these ceremonies from my backyard. I've brought the tiny TV from my bedroom downstairs, set it in the window and hooked it up to a cable outlet that doesn't work.

8. Yeesh. Getting emotional watching the athletes come in. I'm proud to be a citizen of the world. Apparently all those tiny pieces of paper being dropped? Number of pieces of paper = number of people in the world. 

9. I love the denim jackets our team is wearing. 

10. I wonder how many relationships (like boyfriend/girlfriend relationships) are formed during the Olympics? We should be getting dating stats, I think. I have a feeling I see one forming.

11. Re: handing out the medals/flowers for the Men's Marathon: is that guy not aware that grabbing the bouquet by the floral heads crushes them? And causes them to brown quicker? And it just looks wrong? I he embarrassed because he's handing out flowers and not medals? Get over it guy. And respect the flowers.

12. Seventy thousand volunteers. What do I volunteer for? 

13. So the concert is supposed to a symphony of British Music - a 33 song mash up. Might as well stay inside. 

14. "To their moms; they'll always be kids."  Oh my goodness. So true. Always. (Sniff)

15. George Michael? 

16. Thanks to K-Tel records, I know all the words of Pinball Wizard. "That deaf, dumb and blind kid, sure plays a mean pinball..."

17. Hahaha. "Hockey fans, I'm sorry," as he reads off who the super models are wearing.

18. Spice Girls. Where they that popular in the day? What was I doing back then? Victoria Beckham - no close ups, or special attention. Which was good; she's part of a team. And Queen with a female lead singer? 

19. I don't know this last, closing number. Or recognize the band. 

20. I was in London two years ago today.

21. Oops. Guess that wasn't the final song. :) The Who? Did a good job. In my humble opinion.

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