Friday, September 28, 2012

In Between All The Other Life Stuff; I've Been Reading

First this one, which is a sequel to the other one I read:

The other one was called The Monk Downstairs, and it was about a single ex-monk who rents a basement suite from a divorced single mom. That book was about their budding relationship, but it also dealt with her mom's massive, almost-death-causing stroke.

THIS books picks up at their wedding (the monk and his landlord upstairs) and is about the meshing of their two very different lives. And the mom with the stroke? Ends up with severe dementia. Of course she does. And how that impacts the newlyweds's lives.

It was good.

The other one? That I read today. Yes, start to finish, in one sitting. Because I don't have a life:

Another John Green, Young Adult novel.
It didn't slay me like The Fault in Our Stars did, but still a good read. Probably not believable, but maybe I'm too removed from high school to know what it's really like these days.


Three things I'm thankful for:

1. A quieter visit with my dad this evening.
2. A quiet day, all around, actually. Other than a few words of encouragement to my dad, I don't think I talked to anyone. Whoa. I'm stock-piling words again. Warning to the next person that sees me - don't ask me an open-ended question. I have 15,000 words to use up.
3. Thursdays. I still like 'em.


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