Friday, October 19, 2012

More Black and Whites?

Let's do that.

Here is my grandpa (my mom's dad) (far left) and all his brothers in 1930.
His parents are sitting.

And these are my grandpa's sisters, in 1948:

Large family.
13 siblings made it to adulthood. There were a few others that passed away in childhood.

This was the couple that started it all: (My grandpa's parents.)
Henry and Sara Neumann:

They look so young in that pic above.
A number of photos were taken of them as the years wore on:

She had, like 100 kids and 1,000 grandkids.

She loved to read.
And there is photographic evidence that she did alot of laundry:

That's all I know about her.
Too bad she didn't keep a blog...

She's my great grandma.


Three things I'm thankful for:
1. God has a plan. It's a good one.
2. After a bit of excitement with my dad, (screaming MAH, MAH, and wanting to go home with mom) he settled right down as we watched a NEW MOVIE- Coal Miner's Daughter.
3. Generous friends.


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