Thursday, October 11, 2012

Odds and Bits

The other day I was walking/talking/having a coffee (none of us were actually drinking coffee) with some friends, and as is our way, we recapped all the big events that had taken place since we last chatted.

For me the big thing was Kevin's memorial service.
We discussed it at length, and also the pain of saying goodbye to a child.
And I posed the question, if we were to plan one of our children's funerals, would we know what they would want? Like which songs are special to them? Any scripture passages or readings that are meaningful? And, I guess, would they prefer to be cremated or buried?

One friend said that her kids would definitely be OK with the cremation process purely as a cost-saving option. "They would agree that it's just stupid to spend all that money on a burial. There's no way we could justify wasting that kind of money. They know this." She was positive about their opinions. And maybe a little surprised that anyone would think otherwise.

So I talked to Clint about it.
"What would you prefer, cremation or burial?" I asked, thinking he probably hadn't given it any thought.
"Could you arrange a pyramid for me? I'd like to be buried in a pyramid."

I love that child.


I went to my first job interview yesterday with an organization that is 3 minutes away from my house.
I must've done OK because I've been asked back for a second interview.
Best part if I get this job? EVERYDAY IS CASUAL FRIDAY. Jeans. Work boots.
The downside? The concrete floor is uneven and tilted and the bathrooms are porta-potties.
Upside? IT'S A JOB.
Downside? I am never going to invite anyone to pop in and see me at work.
Upside? I could walk to work on nice, non-rainy days.
Downside? I am on the bottom of a steep learning curve that requires me to memorize 200 varieties of plants as well as a customer list in one week.
Upside? By the end of the week I will have memorized 200 varieties of plants.
Downside? I will be the oldest person there.
Upside? I will never be asked to pray out loud during staff prayer time.
Downside? I will hear "f*^k" an awful lot throughout the day.

So we'll see what tomorrow brings.
Either way, if I do, or don't get hired, I'm at peace about it. If this is where God wants me to spend the last of my working years, well. OK. Seems weird to me, but what do I know?


I went to my Theology class thingy again tonight after visiting dad.
It's a class participation style of teaching and so far, the total number of words I've said in three weeks is zero.
So at the very end of today's session, Kristal (one of the pastors who is teaching) who, up to this point, asks for volunteers to read various scripture passages, pointedly said, "Jane, will you read Acts 2: 1 - 4?"
I responded that my bible wasn't the same version as everyone else in the class. (They all have ESV)
"What do you have?" she asked.
My mind went blank.
I closed my Bible and looked at the cover. The words swam in front of my eyes and I couldn't focus.
The girl next to me said, "She's got the New Living Translation."
It was decided I should read it anyway. Everyone was silent, waiting for me.
I started reading from Luke 2: 1 - 4. Which, is, of course, the Christmas Story and not what she asked me to read.
So I found Acts 2 and with a very thick tongue, fumbled my way through the passage.

How old am I? 8?

After we were done, and despite my misgivings about this whole experience, I realized I learnt something AGAIN. Just like last week and the week before. Go figure.

As I packed up my things, Kristal came over and said, "So Jane. Do you know we're related?"
"I do. I wasn't sure you knew..."
(Her dad and my mom are first cousins.) (My mom is first cousins with half of the lower mainland. Her dad had 84 siblings.) (That Neumann clan is huge I tell you.)
And then we talked.
I am a moron. It takes me forever to get used to new environments, new situations, (new-to-me) relatives who are holy-ish and pastorish and got-their-poop-together-ish and are wicked smart about Bible stuff, and well just new everythings. It's all overwhelming at times. Actually all the time. Especially in it's newness.

Why oh why couldn't everything in my life just stay the same forever?
I suck at new stuff.

It's not my gifting.


Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Drew. He texted me tonight to see how things were going. Whoa.
2. The kitchen staff at my dad's place.
3. My mom's dedication to seeing my dad


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