Sunday, November 25, 2012

Last Day of Freedom

I start tomorrow.

So today was my last day of 'being unemployed'. In 12 hours I can hold my head up high, and like a non-loser, I can say, "yeah, I got a job." ("So, sorry, I can't go out tonight. I'm tired." Or, "I wish I could join you tomorrow afternoon doing REALLY FUN STUFF, but I can't I have a job.") Sigh sigh sigh. Only fourteen years til retirement.

Only 10 hours til my first staff prayer time.

Oh. My. Stomach.

WHY am I such a basket case? Seriously. No, really seriously, this is friggen embarrassing.
THANK YOU friends who have been praying me through this. I am the luckiest person, holy cow. All day long, messages of encouragement and promises of prayer. Thank you people. I will pray for each of you tomorrow afternoon if I survive. :)



I spent the morning watching my favorite 18 year old girl play soccer. It was a glorious Sunday morning, and I loved every minute. She is the goalie, and smiled the entire time.

I went for a walk with Mandi. 

UP A HILL. And around and around. And it was good. 
I love sunny days.

I met Max at skytrain, so he and I could pop in on my dad. 
And that too? Was good.

And now?
I'm watching W Network; Julie and Julia. Date Night. 
And trying not to think. And by think, I mean obsess. 

Hey, you know what? 
I still have a dead raccoon in my garage. 

Oh man. 
I suck at new things. 

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. First day will be over by this time tomorrow.
2. Funny movies. And surprisingly 'deep' ones too. Forgot for those poignant moments in Date Night. 
3. This time tomorrow? NO STINKIN DEAD RACCOON in my garage. 


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