Saturday, November 10, 2012

Thankful for:

1. Technology. Seriously. Someone very smart looked at my bladder today. And said it was good.
(To be honest, I've been a basketcase thinking about the procedure. The outcome never even crossed my mind.)

2. Women, in general. I sat in a teensy, old, ugly waiting room with four other women waiting for our turn to have a camera look at our plumbing. I was the youngest. And the conversations amongst us, all sitting there naked, with blue robes tied in the back keeping us warm, was enlightening, inspiring and gentle.

3. My family. This week? My brother was here, looking after my drainage issues, with a smile. My sister? Handled getting my dad onto and off of his first Handi Dart ride. (His pacemaker batteries needed to be checked.) And tonight, we celebrated Max's birthday, the only way the OBros know how to celebrate: Steak at the Keg, New James Bond at midnight, and Halo (video game) til dawn. (It's 3:20am right now, and Clint just asked if we could make a big batch of spaghetti sauce.) :)


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