Friday, November 2, 2012


This is it.
My least favorite month.

Every year I see it coming and I want to run.
From now til Dec 25? We are going to be talking about Christmas. There is going to be alot of rain. We will be lucky to have 3 hours of daylight. We won't see blue sky again til May. Everyone is going to want to stay in their homes with their families in the evenings.

And. and. And.
I am not a fan.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. It's 2:37 am and my whole family is chatting on facebook. We are all in different houses, yet all online. SO very thankful for facebook chat. And for Clint, Max and Drew.
2. Was chatting with Sophie in Afghanistan too. HOW COOL IS TECHNOLOGY? VERY cool I tell you. Very friggen cool.
3. Orange Julius's. I had one tonight at Guildford. Reminded me of the '90's. So refreshing.
4. Thankful for laptops. I took mine in to the carehome tonight, so dad could look at the photos I took on Halloween. He was thrilled everytime he saw a picture of himself dressed up like an angel. "That's ME!" he'd exclaim. And then when he recognized Rino, he'd say, "That's my neighbour!" And he liked seeing his nurses and care aids on the screen too.


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